Nivea Clay Fresh Body Wash Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nivea Clay Fresh Body Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 325 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,215.


Clay Fresh is Nivea's range of daily use body washes that are sold in multiple variants. They are curated out of natural ingredients that deeply cleanse the skin without stripping it off moisture. The main ingredient is Kaolin Clay which is known for its cleansing and skin soothing properties. Nivea Clay Fresh Body Wash is priced in the pocket-friendly range.


Natural Ingredients

There are natural and safe ingredients in all variants of the body wash. They contain hibiscus, white sage, basil, kaolin clay and lavender along with other skin-nourishing and purifying ingredients. The body washes are pleasantly fragrant and create a refreshing feeling.

For All Skin Types & Seasons

These body washes can be used by everyone as they have no side effects and are not harsh on the skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use these body washes that contain skin soothing and calming ingredients. These shower gels can be used in all seasons.

Skin Nourishing & Refreshing

Nivea Clay Fresh Body Wash leaves your skin soft and smooth and cleansed from deep within. There is no feeling of tightness on the skin after use as it moisturizes the skin. The Kaolin Clay helps one feel clean by ridding the body of dirt, debris and excess skin oils. The refreshing fragrances keep you smelling clean and fresh all day long and uplift the mood.

Tips & Suggestions

Using a clean loofah or shower sponge to apply this body wash is a great way to quickly and effectively lather it up. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply around the eye area. After the shower, use a good body and face moisturizer to retain the moisture and refreshing feeling.

Price List

Model Price
Persimmon Mask/Face Wash- 125ml Rs. 1,149
Jasmine Clay Soap Rs. 699
Orange Mask/Face Wash Rs. 1,149
Palmer's Indulgent Foaming Body Wash Rs. 1,190
Natural Solution Body Wash, Blood Orange Rs. 1,299
Nivea Cocoa Butter Bady Lotion Rs. 1,100
Natural Solution HPS Organic Body Wash Blood Oran… Rs. 1,290
Neutrogena Fresh & Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial W… Rs. 1,600
Nivea Body Lotion Aloe & Hydration 400ml Rs. 1,100
Dove Men+Care Relaxing Eucalyptus Oil+Cedar Hydra… Rs. 2,200
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