Nivea Men Shaving Foam Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nivea Men Shaving Foam in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 791.


Nivea Shaving Foam for men is popular for its affordable price and no-burn action on the skin. It has soothing and natural ingredients that help hydrate and calm irritated skin. The dermatologically tested Nivea Men Shaving Foam is priced in the budget-friendly range.


Skin Nourishing Ingredients

The shaving foam contains chamomile extracts, vitamin E and witch hazel extracts. Together they have a calming effect on the skin and keep it hydrated.

No Alcohol or Dyes

There is no alcohol or dyes in this shaving foam so it is easy on the skin. It does not cause any dryness or acne breakouts that most alcohol-containing shaving foams tend to do. The zero alcohol content also means that the foam doesn't cause a burning sensation on the skin.

Anti-Itch & Anti-Inflammatory

The soothing ingredients help calm the skin and reduce any signs of skin irritation. It helps get rid of inflammation on the skin that some people tend to develop with regular shaving.

No Micro-Cuts

Since the Nivea Men Shaving Foam has a thick lather and a smooth texture, it shaves close and leaves the skin smooth and soft. For this reason, there are no micro-cuts during shaving as the razor easily glides through the foam giving the closest shave without going rough on the skin.


Using this shaving foam will cause no dryness or feeling of tautness on the skin. The hydrating and nourishing ingredients keep the skin moisturised throughout the day and the absence of alcohol helps the foam condition the skin.

Suitable for All

Since there are no chemicals and alcohol in this shaving foam, it is suitable for all skin and hair types. Those who have sensitive skin can also shave with Nivea Men Shaving Foam without any problems.

Price List

Model Price
NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Foam, Chamomile & No … Rs. 800
NIVEA MEN Fresh & Cool Shaving Foam, Mint Extract… Rs. 1,200
NIVEA MEN Fresh & Cool Shaving Foam, Mint Extract… Rs. 1,200
Nivea Men Protect and Care Shaving Foam 200ml Rs. 799
Nivea Men Originals Crema Suave de Afeitar / Shav… Rs. 299
Nivea men sensitive shaving gel 200ml Rs. 850
NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Shaving Foam, Aloe Vera … Rs. 762
NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Foam, Chamomile & No … Rs. 800
Nivea For Men Moisturising Shaving Foam Rs. 690
Nivea Shaving Foam Sensitive 200ML Rs. 799
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