Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs. 1,755 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,983.


Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser is made from high-quality synthetic material (PPP) that is safe for storing baby formula, cereal powder and water to save time preparing meals at home or on the go.


The Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser has three contains with lids that can be stacked or screwed together when storing baby food and travelling. Offers parents a convenient method to organise their baby's daily meals and helps to stay organised throughout the day. Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser handles the entire process of preparing baby formula measured in precise quantities, 

When you need to leave the house with the baby and when away from the city, use the Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser will support multitasking, time-sensitive situations and comforting your baby. Great for leaving behind to be used by babysitters and other family members to provide the perfect meals for your baby. 

The airtight seal and easy-to-open lids preserve the quality of the food and prevent it from being contaminated. The funnels l attached to the dispenser lid help you pour formula precisely into baby bottles avoiding any spillage or waste. It comes in two fun colours, purple and green. 

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Model Price
Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser Rs. 1,950
Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser Rs. 1,755
Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser Rs. 2,313
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