Nuk Nipple Shield Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nuk Nipple Shield in Pakistan is Rs. 1,720 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,042.


The Nuk Nipple Shields can be used by mothers who want to make it easier for their babies to latch on or have sore and cracked nipples from feeding. These nipple shields are made from ultra-thin silicone.


The Nuk Nipple Shield can be used by mothers for different reasons. A common one is if the baby is having a difficult time latching on due to the shape of the nipple, a nipple shield can help.

In case a mother's nipples are sore and cracked from feeding then too a Nuk Nipple Shield could help. Although it is understood that nipple shields should be used for shorter periods, the baby should be feeding skin on skin. The Nuk design maximises this as much as possible.

Nuk Nipple Shields are made from very thin silicone so that it is as understated as possible. The shields should be cleaned immediately after use and so should the breast to remove milk residue. Your hands should also be cleaned before applying the shields.

The right size of the nipple shield is important so it fits well and also is more appropriate for the baby to be using. Nuk Nipple Shields have been tested in Germany, with very positive results. They are clinically proven to be effective.

Price List

Model Price
Nuk Nipple Shield Si S 2/B Cl2 Rs. 1,720
Nuk Nipple Shields, Large, 2-Pack, 10721314 Rs. 2,150
Nuk Nipple Shields, 10721326 Rs. 2,150
Nuk Nipple Shields, Medium, 2-Pack, 10721312 Rs. 2,150
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