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The best price of Oakley Sunglasses in Pakistan is Rs. 23,949 and estimated average price is Rs. 30,291.


Oakley sunglasses are known in the sports world. The designs allow one to perform strenuous activity without their sunglasses dropping off. There are many different designs that one can choose from, with a lot of colour options for the frame and lenses. The price of Oakley sunglasses is generally high.


The Oakley brand

Oakley was created by Jim Jannard in 1975 and named after his English Setter. The brand produces sporting equipment related to surfing, BMX cycling and many other such sports. This includes shoes, backpacks, apparel, goggles, sports visors, sunglasses and more. 

Oakley holds 600 patents for eyewear, performance gear and materials. All the work done by Oakley has been done with input from extreme athletes, which gives them an edge to create peak performance items and designs. The brand also holds a US Standard Issue, meaning they provide the US military and police with eye protection.

The most famous Oakley design is the wraparound sunglasses with reflective orange lenses and a stretched out 'O' logo on both arms; seen a lot during the 90s, worn by Pakistani cricketers on the field. Even today many athletes wear the same design line.

Today Oakley is owned by EssilorLuxottica; a deal that cost them $2.1 billion in 2007.

Oakley sunglasses

Aside from the classic wraparounds, Oakley has many other designs. There are styles that one can call a part of the 'streetwear' culture which one could wear regularly as well. This includes round, rectangle, square and the more funky modern shapes made for sporty situations. These latter models would be a bit much if one was not wearing sporting clothes, they are made in a manner that essentially means they are worn for a sport-specific activity.

The colours range with Oakley starts at black, with options that have other colour trims on them too. Aside from that, there are blues, greys and one can find any of the other basic colours in the range. The lenses from Oakley are varied, with a whole range of reflective or other tints. The colours include black, grey, blues, orange and a lot more. With the brighter colours having reflective variants.

There are a lot of options that are made in collaboration with various NFL teams and have the team logos on the lens.


The price of Oakley sunglasses varies from the middle to the top of the range.

Price List

Model Price
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Hold On Sunglasses (9… Rs. 23,949
Oakley Women Polarized Hold On Sunglasses (9298-0… Rs. 29,149
Oakley Womens Polarized Disclosure Sunglasses (41… Rs. 32,699
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Disclosure Sunglasses… Rs. 27,949
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Feedback Sunglasses (… Rs. 29,149
Oakley Womens Polarized Haze Sunglasses (9233-12) Rs. 31,499
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Smokey Feedback Sungl… Rs. 33,849
Oakley Womens Non Polarized Drop In Sunglasses (9… Rs. 27,949
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Tie Breaker Haze Sung… Rs. 35,049
Oakley Women Polarized Feedback Haze Sunglasses (… Rs. 35,049
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