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The best price of Office Chair in Pakistan is Rs. 7,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,700.


All offices need well designed comfortable chairs. They are important for the personnel as many hours have to be spent sitting in them, this can be exhausting if it isn't ergonomically sound. Exhaustion means less productivity as well; making the office chair an important investment.


Why the office chair needs attention

Comfort in the office space is rarely addressed, if a person is more at ease while at their desk they will definitely perform better through the course of a workday. One big part of the office setup is the office chair, a sedentary lifestyle doesn't really suit humans so if the sitting options are better designed a person won't get as tired. This is also not a matter of one day but more a long term situation so over the course of a year the damage to a person's back will definitely affect their work output.

The different kinds of chair

Office chairs come in many designs and colours. There are versions that are in a polyester cloth finish, others in leather and some in leatherette. The more options there are to adjust the various parts the more it can fit individual people easily. With options for the height of the chair being common and if the back is allowed to lean or not. The more specific ones have adjustment options for the armrests so while a person types their elbows are at the apt height for their frame in relation to the work desk. This can help avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mobile for better reach

Most office chairs have wheels under them and a swivel ability so you can turn about to reach the space around you easily while sitting. With a wheel lock function the wheels are only free to move when someone is sitting in the chair. There are also some that have a slider for where the placement of the lumbar support is, this is important as lumbar support really helps ones back survive long hours of sitting by keeping their posture better.

The tilting back support 

The option for tilt tension, meaning how easily the back leans, is adjustable from a knob that is on the underside of the chair; test this slowly as it can also make the chair keel over. Ergonomics are important to an office chair being more comfortable and tactile in daily use so keep an eye out for where the support points are.

Price List

Model Price
Executive Office Chair Mesh back & Headrest Rs. 28,500
Chair / Study Chair / Computer Chair / Office Cha… Rs. 21,499
Visitor Office Chair/Guest Chair - Traditional Of… Rs. 57,600
Office Chair Revolving Mesh Back Rs. 7,750
Serta Visitor Chair Rs. 27,500
Heavy Duty Office Chair (Black) Rs. 27,500
Computer Gaming Chair - Office Chair Rs. 22,000
Office Visitor Chair- WA004 Rs. 17,500
Illiyama Office Chair Rs. 10,000
Office Chair M1 Rs. 31,000
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