Office Furniture Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Office Furniture in Pakistan is Rs. 950 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,499.


Every office needs beautifully designed and durable furniture that also blends well with the entire decor of the space. If you are looking to redecorate your workplace, check out office furniture prices in Pakistan and read on for more information. 


The right furniture and well-balanced decor are the main elements in enhancing the beauty and stress-free environment of the homes or office.

Office Furniture items

You can add as many or as little furniture items in your office, depending on the size and nature of your workplace. If it is a shared office where the boss and employees all sit together and work as a team, you can have multiple office desks and comfortable computer chairs, office chairs, recliners, workstations, bookcases, filing cabinets etc.

Office Computer Chairs

Revolving chairs are the most sought after chairs for the computer as the swinging motion helps to move easily without turning the body. These chairs are also adjustable and can be reduced to any comfortable height you prefer. Some even come with adjustable armrests and headrests for more comfort. The price range for these chairs ranges from lower to higher end but are mostly affordable. The executive and managerial or presidential office chairs are high priced. These are large chairs for the computer and also amongst the high priced ones. They can be made out of leather, suede or other durable and comfortable materials and come with a high back for extra comfort. Executive chairs can be revolving as well as static and come in all sizes where the large full size being the most in-demand. 

Gaming Chairs 

Game developers have a special chair at their workplace or some offices have a gaming space for employees to relax and have fun. Gaming or racing chair is meant for comfortable prolonged sitting while playing or developing computer games. The biggest advantage of a game chair is its comfort and the way it helps you focus on the game without worrying about an aching back. They are ergonomically designed with soft padding all over for your comfort. A good gaming or racing chair should be comfortable and help you maintain the right posture. It should support your head, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, arms and hips. You should sit as straight as you can without curving your spine.

Office Tables & Desks

For a separate office room, you can get managerial or executive desks as well as small tables for computers or laptops. Some offices also have a small centre table or a coffee table for putting magazines, books or any office item. There are snack tables in some offices where small eatables usually dry ones are placed for employees to snack on during work hours.

File Cabinets & Lockers

Though most offices don’t keep documents or files these days, some even today continue the usage of paper and keep a huge stack of files in the office. The best way to keep them organized is to have a filing cabinet that blends well with the office décor and looks modernistic. Employee lockers can also be added as a useful office furniture item. It organizes employees’ stuff and keeps it locked, secure and safe. Each employee can have the key to his own locker.

Fun & Entertainment at Work

The workplace doesn't have to be boring and all about work. Some offices have a separate space for entertainment activities like playing games and have Billiard tables, Table tennis table, Chess tables, Pool tables, Jukebox, Pinball machine, Foosball table etc. The employees can have a great time during breaks and can refresh their minds and bond with each other during these gaming activities.

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Price List

Model Price
Visitor Office Chair/Guest Chair - Traditional Of… Rs. 57,600
Set of 12 Visitor Office Chair/Guest Chair - Trad… Rs. 57,600
Plastic 5 Star Office Chair Base With wheel set Rs. 1,030
Stool-01R - Taiwan Based Rs. 6,500
Office Visitor Chair- WA003 Rs. 16,000
Office Visitor Chair- WA004 Rs. 17,000
Miguel Office Chair Rs. 9,900
Mack Office Chair Black Rs. 27,500
Elian Visitor Chair Rs. 14,000
Phenix Office Chair Rs. 23,500
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