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OK Baisan is made from ground chickpeas, this is also known as gram flour. It is often used as a batter or even fried on its own to make snacks. An affordable product that can be used for lots of different things.


Baisan is what is used to make pakoras, it is what the batter is made from. This makes for the crispy shell pakoras have.

The OK Baisan brand is one of the options available. Made from chickpeas, this is also known as gram flour. It can also be used on its own to be deep-fried to make snacks that are also part of nimko. Sometimes people also combine it with wheat flour to change up the flavour or improve the nutritional value.

OK Baisan could also be used to thicken soups and curries, similar to cornstarch.

People also use baisan as an additive to homemade facemasks to help with skincare.

The price of OK Baisan is in an affordable bracket.

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