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The best price of Ok Daal Mash in Pakistan is Rs. 349 and estimated average price is Rs. 387.


OK Daal Mash makes for a delicious lentil dish that is also affordable. Daal mash is eaten with roti or with paratha and is a staple in the Pakistani diet.


Daal mash is one of the staple lentils in South Asain cuisine. The OK Daal Mash is cleaned and washed before packing. This reduces some of the prep time, although washing it once again is a good idea.

When the OK Daal Mash is uncooked it is ivory in colour and turns yellow once it is cooked. This is one of the more difficult lentils to cook. Daal mash is often served with freshly cut ginger and with lemon squeezed onto it.

Nutritionally lentils are considered very healthy. They are also soaked in water for a while before cooking which helps reduce the ability of lentils to cause flatulence.

OK Daal Mash is an affordable food option.

Price List

Model Price
Ok Daal Mash Shelled -W- Rs. 378
OK Daal Mash Washed per KG Rs. 426
OK Daal Mash Washed 1KG Rs. 395
OK Daal Mash Washed 1KG Rs. 349
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