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The best price of Ok White Chana in Pakistan is Rs. 275 and estimated average price is Rs. 320.


OK White Chana or white chickpeas are a kind of lentil that is eaten by a lot of people. One can use it in many ways to create tasty dishes. A healthy food, white chana is a staple in the South Asian diet.


White chanas are eaten by many people, in English they are known as white chickpeas. This is a lentil that is a healthy option to eat, it is packed with nutrition. One can purchase the OK White Chana that is cleaned and washed before being packed.

OK White Chanas can be used to make a curry or dry lentil dish. These chanas are often added to dishes that have vegetables and meat as well. One could also make halwa from chanas. This versatility also makes white chanas a great ingredient.

The nutrition present in white chanas includes protein, calcium, iron, various vitamins and potassium. Due to the high fibre content, white chanas also help digestion. Like all lentils, the OK White Chanas should be soaked in cool water for a good while before being cooked. This helps reduce the lentil's ability to cause flatulence.

OK White Chana packs are an affordable purchase, making them a high-value food item granted the nutritional value.

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Model Price
OK White Chana Big 1 KG Rs. 332
Ok White Chana Big 7-8mm -W- Rs. 355
OK White Chana Small 1 KG Rs. 275
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