Onion Hair Oil Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Onion Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 111 and estimated average price is Rs. 602.


Onion hair oil can be used to promote hair growth and hair health. It has many nutrients and compounds that help with this purpose. The price of onion hair oil is in the mid-ranges.


Onion Hair Oil

Among the many various oils used to help with hair growth and health, one can make use of onion oil as well. Extracted from the vegetable, this oil is beneficial for hair with all its organic compounds.

The nutrients prevent oxidisation of hair. It helps maintain a regular pH of the hair, thus preventing early greying. With a high level of sulfur which reduces breakage, split ends, thinning and also improves the quality of follicles. Onion oil also contains various antioxidants and an fight bateria as well. The antioxidants present can help boost the funtions of enzymes which again work to prevent hair fall.

How to use

One should take a small amount, apply it to the scalp and slowly massage and spread it all over. Let the onion hair oil sit in the hair for a while after. Some people leave it for 30 mintues while others may leave it for a few hours, one can figure out what time works for them. This also does depend on how much time one has available.

Use shampoo while showering to get it out once done.


Onion hair oil is available from various brands, the prices vary some too. Generally avaiable for mid-range prices.

Price List

Model Price
Onion Hair Growth Oil Rs. 298
Onion Hair Growth Oil Rs. 298
Onion Hair Growth Oil Rs. 298
Onion Shampoo & Oil Combo for Hair Fall & Hair Re… Rs. 1,674
Hemani Herbals - Hair Oil 200Ml (Onion) Rs. 319
Onion Oil Rs. 1,100
Wellice Repair & Moisture Softer Smoother & Moist… Rs. 479
Onion Hair Growth Oil Rs. 298
Onion Hair Oil 80ml Combo For Control Hair Fall -… Rs. 1,062
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