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The best price of Oppo Smartphones in Pakistan is Rs. 20,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 57,168.


A company that is producing smartphones at a lot of varied prices. Oppo smartphones have the option for powerful, flagship-level smartphones to way more affordable smartphones. This gives people a wide range to pick from, based on their needs and of course budget.


About the brand

Oppo is a brand that comes from the same family as Vivo, Realme and OnePlus. All of these are owned by BKK Electronics. The brand has done well and is one of the top 5 largest smartphone producers in the world, mainly due to the Chinese and Indian markets which are very populous. Pioneering some of the features that are common today such as the selfie camera with a beauty filter, which Oppo released first in 2012. A motorized rotating camera that was part of the Oppo N3. The 10x Lossless Zoom, which means better quality of images when zoomed. Oppo has also worked with Qualcomm and Sony to further develop chips and image sensors. They also work with leading telcos such as Telstra, Optus and Swisscom to further the 5G network implementations at a commercial scale. A brand that is taking technology further and its customers along for better integration into the newer age.

Oppo Smartphones

Oppo has a very wide range of options. The main lines from Oppo are called Find series, Reno series, F series and A series. The Find and Reno series are Oppo's leaders, with the flagship models being released under these lines. The brand introduces new features such as better cameras and higher refresh rates in these categories. Even the chipsets are from a better league.

The F and A series also do have smartphones that are in a slightly more expensive range, but they are less than the flagship lines and have a lower end where they have cheaper models. These cheaper models are the trickle-down of technology and features. Their affordability opens up a large segment of the market from a younger generation and also from different backgrounds.

The chipsets Oppo makes use of are from MediaTek and Qualcomm. Depending on the specific model it can be either and the better models have the newer releases from the chip makers. Oppo makes use of the Google Android platform for their OS. The RAM and storage are higher in the more costly models from Oppo.

There are some Oppo smartphones that have been released under the OnePlus badge. They are literally the same with just different branding on them.


A lot of focus by Oppo in regard to their smartphones is about the camera systems. The prices are competitive in all the various ranges they belong to.

Some of the successful models from Oppo include Reno 10X Zoom and F11 Pro.

Price List

Model Price
Oppo A16 4GB 64GB Blue Rs. 27,999
Oppo A16e - (64GB) :1y Rs. 38,900
Oppo A54 - (128GB) :1y Rs. 43,999
Oppo A96 (8GB/128GB) Rs. 60,000
Oppo F21 Pro - (128GB) :1y Rs. 80,900
Oppo A96 8GB/128GB Rs. 63,000
Oppo F21 Pro 5G 8GB/128GB Rs. 89,999
Oppo A57 3GB RAM 64GB ROM Smart Phone Rs. 40,999
Oppo F17 Pro 8GB 128GB Rs. 46,999
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