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The best price of in Pakistan is Rs. 3,490 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,490.


The website to go to for foreign branded clothes. Orange Jeans stocks many of the known makes such as Armani, ZARA, Tommy Hilfiger and other such names. The prices are competitive, making the brands accessible to more people.


Orange Jeans

Finding original material from famous fashion brands has always been tricky in Pakistan. aims to help with this. The website has a stock that includes clothes from many of the world-famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Massimo Dutti, ZARA, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, NEXT and American Eagle.

Products at Orange Jeans

Given their sales are good as they have the right catalogue, not all the brands are always available. What is available keeps changing with the seasons and as brands develop new lines. This affects the catalogue at Orange Jeans. The website has clothes for men, women and kids. With options being tops, bottoms and accessories such as socks, belts and more. 

The prices are discounted which is one of the big reasons why this website does well, one can find a shirt from Armani at about half the price. The prices generally are competitive, giving an edge over the other contenders. What the price of the exact clothing item is, depends on the brand and what item it is. T-shirts may be cheaper than sweatshirts, due to the material and difference in the quantity of material.

Other items at Orange Jeans also socks some decor, bedsheets, towels, table cloths and more. One can find a good variety of these as well, with modern design elements that are current with the times.

The quality of products at Orange Jeans is from a higher tear. They also partake in sales & deals which make it even easier to buy products from them.

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PEP&CO CARGO Shorts Rs. 3,490
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