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The best price of Orange Peel Powder in Pakistan is Rs. 81 and estimated average price is Rs. 291.


The peels of the orange are loaded with Vitamin C, natural AHAs, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients even more than the orange fruit itself. Dried orange peels ground to a fine powder and then used as a facial mask has been an ancient home remedy for reducing dark spots. It is also a skin whitening face pack that brightens and evens out the skin tone. If you are looking for one, check out orange peel powder prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for its uses and our suggestions on the best brands you can find online. 


Orange peels dried, powdered and mixed with several other ingredients are used for cosmetic purposes. The delicate fragrance is lovely and has a calming effect on the nerves. The organic edible variety is used for cooking and baking. The powder has multiple uses and is applied to the skin, hair, teeth and the entire body for a variety of benefits. 

Leading Brands

While the peels can be dried at home, it is a lengthy process and people prefer to buy readymade powder online. Buy orange peel powder at the best prices in Pakistan on our website. Leading brands are Ayurholic, Eve's Cafe, Pansari Inn, Bio Pharmacy, Chiltanpure, Indus Valley Bio Organic, Penzeys Spices and Mesmara Herbals.

Orange Peel Powder Uses

1. Powdered orange peels mixed with a little rosewater and yoghurt is excellent for skin whitening and brightening. It removes even the stubbornest of tans with regular use.

2. The face pack can also unclog the pores, shrinking them and making the skin appear seamless and smooth.

3. It adds a natural glow to the skin and enhances its youthfulness. 

4. The powder can fight free radical damage and reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles, sagginess and fine lines. 

5. Applying it to the inflamed areas of the skin can reduce puffiness and redness.

6. Acne-prone skin can greatly benefit from regular use of powdered orange peels mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil. 

7. Powdered orange peels can also be used as daily face washing soap as it removes excess oil and sebum from the skin, leaving behind smooth and clean looking skin. 

8. Coarsely ground orange peels can be used as a scrub for removing dead skin and enhancing the skin's youthfulness. 

9. Some varieties can also be used for whitening teeth. 

10. Adding some amount of orange peel powder to the bathtub water can enhance one's mood and refresh the entire body. 

11. The powder can be used on the scalp for removing excess oil and debris. Regular use can enhance the look and feel of the hair, making them soft and lustrous. 

12. While the powdered orange peels can remove excess oil from the skin, mixing the powder with honey, milk and rosewater can help moisturize dry skin.

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Vitamin C Orange Peel Powder Rs. 192
Vitamin C Orange Peel Powder Rs. 192
Vitamin C Orange Peel Powder Rs. 192
Hemani Herbals - Orange Peel Powder Rs. 510
Vitamin C Orange Peel Powder Rs. 192
Lineage - Multani Mitti Orange Peel Powder Rose P… Rs. 449
Lineage - Orange Peel Fine Powder Natural Anti-Ba… Rs. 139
Orange Peel Herbs Powder for Glowing Face & Remov… Rs. 169
Orange Peel Powder - Pakistan Pansar 100% Pure N… Rs. 330
Italiano Orange Peel Powder Rs. 231
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