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The best price of Orient Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 46,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 123,546.


A brand of local origin, Orient has a range of ACs for all sizes of space. With the option for modern functions such as controlling the AC through your smartphone. Or eco-friendly refrigerant combined with cooling fins designed better to handle humidity more efficiently. Orient is a somewhat competitively priced brand making their ACs more accessible to a larger segment.

Pros & Cons


  • 3-year compressor warranty


In Pakistan Orient is one of the known local electronics brands, especially in the AC segment. The brand caters to a large portion of this market. They have options for various tonnages so all kinds of needs can be met. 

Features of Orient ACs

Applying the DC Inverter technology to make cooling efficient and cost-effective in all of Orient's available units, from the 1-ton split ACs to the 4-ton floor standing unit. Another advantage with some of the Orient ACs is the smart AC's that have a WiFi kit. This allows you to control your AC from your smartphone and keep tabs on all things related to it, such as how much electricity it is consuming and how much that is costing you. You just have to install the MEVRIS app in your phone which will open up all these features for you, making your cooling experience more streamlined. Harnessing the power of a Japanese printed chipset (PCB) to control functionality and better managed running of their ACs.

Added advantages

Orient ACs also use 'R410' an Eco-Friendly Refrigerant to not damage the environment while it cools your spaces. Conscious of the damage that is done to the ecosystem in the name of comfort and convenience. Their ACs are built to be operable in low voltage conditions, which can happen as fluctuation in voltage is common and can damage the electronic components that are being used. Depending on what you choose there is the option of a 50-foot air throw range or a 4D airflow and some with the two combined so you get a more of a gale within a closed space.

Humidity management

Another element that Orient ACs take into account is the humidity which can be unbearable during the monsoon months. The indoor unit comes installed with Gold Fin or Blue Fin condensers depending on the area you live in and the outside unit has a combination of both Blue & Golf Fin to fight off humidity and make your experience better.

Build of standing units

Orient ACs standing units are all built with anti-rust materials so they don't deteriorate over time due to their usage being heavier and dealing with more heat and moisture while they run.

Safe to say there is a range of available features. With 1-year warranty overall but a 3-year warranty for the compressors specifically. A huge plus as that is the main component of an AC. The general price point is slightly lower than the international brands, placing Orient ACs in a closer to mid-range. Of course, dependant on which model one chooses to buy.

Price List

Model Price
Orient Inverter AC 2 Ton Super 24G Mirror Black Rs. 188,100
Orient Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Super 18G Mirror Black Rs. 155,000
Orient Ultron Lunar 12G 1.0 Ton DC Inverter AC Rs. 97,100
Orient AC Inverter Ultron Hot & Cool 1.5Ton Rs. 114,500
Orient Alpha Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Grey W… Rs. 109,484
ORIENT Alpha/ Beta/Delta 12G R410 Rs. 100,000
Orient Inverter AC Hot & Cool Super Mirror Black … Rs. 105,000
Orient 1.5 Ton Atlantic Series Inverter AC Rs. 104,999
Orient Orbit 12G 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner (… Rs. 70,092
Orient Split Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton OS24MF08HC W… Rs. 68,000
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