Orient Led Tv Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Orient Led Tv in Pakistan is Rs. 17,699 and estimated average price is Rs. 64,169.


Orient LED TVs range from basic LEDs, Full HD, Music series to dazzling 4K LEDs that come with amazing and user-friendly features. Being amongst one of the top-tier consumer electronics manufacturing company in Pakistan, Orient LEDs are considered reliable and affordable.


Orient’s LED TVs are available in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 24 Inch to 65 Inch with the option of mounting it on the wall or setting it up on its stand. They come with a 1-year warranty, and with the option of a 2 day trial before purchase, a facility not given by other LED manufacturers in Pakistan. The best Orient LED TVs are their 4K LED range, perfect for customers who like to keep up with the trend and prefer high-quality products.

4K Orient LEDs

Two of the most notable in this category are the Orient 50" UHD​-50SM8000 4K UHD Smart LED and the Orient 55" UHD​-55M8010 4K UHD Smart LED. They provide smart features such as Android and Opera so you can have unlimited access to entertainment and browse with ease on your screen. These smart TVs are packed with superb Ultra HD quality for an amazing TV experience. 


They provide multiple HDMI ports and USB slots for the ease of consumers to connect and enjoy high-quality videos and games. You can connect your digital camera memory stick or a memory card and watch it directly on your LED. You can also have an amazing gaming experience on your Xbox / Play station using HDMI ports.

HD and Full HD

Notable names in the category are Orient G6520 and Orient 50L6530 50 inch Full HD TVs. Orient LED TVs provide HD and Full HD displays with a refresh rate of 50 Hz, ensuring seamless motion picture and clear resolution. Dolby Digital Sound integrated into Orient LEDs delivers quality feedback so that you get the finest audio output.

Price List

Model Price
Orient Violin 55″ FHD Smart LED TV (55S) Rs. 75,500
Orient 50 Inch 4K UHD Fantasy Smart LED TV (50S) Rs. 94,500
Orient 50 Inch FHD Smart LED TV (50L6533) Rs. 51,000
Orient 55 Inch FHD Eagle LED TV Rs. 91,794
Orient LED Action 32S HD Black Rs. 52,753
Orient 49 Inch Thriller FHD Smart LED TV (49S) Rs. 101,147
Orient Action 50s 4K UHD Smart LED TV Rs. 84,900
Orient Animation 50S UHD Smart LED TV Rs. 76,999
Orient Macaw 40 Inches HD LED TV Black Rs. 42,000
Orient Epic 50S UHD Black Rs. 83,500
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