Orient Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Orient Water Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs. 20,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 28,792.


Orient water dispensers have key features like power heating and cooling mechanisms that provide temperature-controlled drinking water.

Pros & Cons


  • Temperature Controlled Water - Hot & Cold 

  • Refrigerator compartment

  • Reusable bottles 


The two types of water dispensers are available by Orient in Pakistan. They are the 2 taps or 3 tap models. Water dispensers have the Danfoss german compressor. Danfoss is popularly fitted in all home cooling appliances as it is a powerful compressor for fast cooling action. Orient water dispensers have a sturdy structure that can last for years. A 1-year warranty ensures maintenance and problems with will be fixed. Popular 3 taps models include the Crystal Campaign Glass Door 3 and Aqua 3 Snow White. Most models will have a cool tank storage capacity of more than 3 litres and a hot tank storage capacity of 1 litre. In case you need hot water for making coffee or tea or if you need room temperature or icy cold water, the dispenser offers temperature control options that meet your specific needs. With the basic 2 tap models you can simply turn off the hot water temperature during summer and turn it back on when needed.

Special Features

There is a child safety lock on some models that can ensure children are protected from accidental burns due to hot water tap. Water dispensers are now fitted with a small cabinet thermostat refrigerator, that has two shelves for food and drinks storage. 

Price List

Model Price
Orient 3 Tap Water Dispenser Crystal Rs. 28,700
Orient icon 3 Water Dispenser with 3 Taps Rs. 27,500
Orient icon 3 Water Dispenser with 3 Taps Rs. 27,500
ORIENT OWD icon-3 Water Dispenser with 3 Taps Rs. 25,500
Orient ICon Water Dispenser ICON-3 Three Tap Rs. 25,950
Orient Water Dispenser – ICON-3 Rs. 22,999
Orient Marvel 3 Taps Red Glass Door Water Dispens… Rs. 30,000
Orient Water Dispenser Flare 3 Taps Glass Door Rs. 25,500
Orient Water Dispenser With Refrigerator 3 Tap OW… Rs. 20,500
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