Oriflame Deodorant Spray Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Oriflame Deodorant Spray in Pakistan is Rs. 699 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,118.


Oriflame Deodorant Spray is an anti-perspirant formula that can prevent unwanted sweating during harsh summer weather, exercise and all other athletic activities. The deodorant spray is designed to provide an instant freshness to the armpit skin and neutralise body odour for up to 24 hours.


Transform a tiring and hot summer day into a fresh and bright feeling using the Oriflame deodorant spray products for men and women. The highly popular Oriflame Possess Perfumed Body Spray for Women has the gorgeous floral fragrance of Eau de Parfum extracted from the spring flowers of ylang-ylang. The balance of rich, sweet, earthy and floral notes designed in body sprays and mists will provide the luxurious coverage of smelling fantastic throughout the day without worrying about sweating or perspiration. 

For protection from sweating during athletics choose the Oriflame Activelle Fairness Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray that will protect your armpits from roughness and odour for up to 72 hours. The formula contains ActiBoost Technology made with freshness capsules that release fragrance whenever your arms and body are in motion. To use the spray press down on the nozzle close to the armpit skin area. 

The antiperspirant deodorants range for men is suitable for all skin types. Eclat is a Body Spray that can be applied to the armpits, chest and neck area to provide reliable protection from body odour and excessive sweating throughout the day. 

Price List

Model Price
Oriflame Activelle Even Tone anti-perspirant deod… Rs. 863
Oriflame Activelle Extreme Anti-perspirant Deodor… Rs. 1,550
Oriflame Possess Perfumed Body Spray 75ML Rs. 1,097
Oriflame Activelle Fairness Anti-Perspirant Deodo… Rs. 1,800
Oriflame More By Demi Deodorising Body Spray Rs. 699
Oriflame Giordani Gold Deodorising Body Spray (75… Rs. 699
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