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The best price of Oriflame Face Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 999 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,366.


Oriflame is a Swiss cosmetic brand that also sells skincare products and toiletries. The face wash by Oriflame comes with several options and gives your skin an oil-free, freshness. They are effective, genuine and cater to all skin types and concerns. Oriflame Face Wash prices in Pakistan vary depending on the type you choose and it is amongst the fast-selling and widely popular products in Pakistan. Read on for the best Oriflame face washes for dry skin as well as normal and oily skin. 


1. Oriflame Optimals Radiance Refreshing Cleanser

This is a double-action product that is claimed to be an exfoliator and cleanser. Carefully made with natural substances such as vitamin C and several Swedish ingredients, this face wash is a potent formula. The product is suitable for all skin types and purifies your skin. making it glow with radiance. This face wash by Oriflame is also recommended to be used on a daily basis to fight free radical damage. It is a dermatologically tested and pleasantly fragrant safe-to-use product that comes in a travel-friendly packaging.

2. Oriflame Pure Skin Face Wash

There is nothing like using a skincare product first thing in the morning that refreshes and cleans your skin. Oriflame Pure Skin Face Wash is just that as it mattifies your skin making it look fresh and clean. The ingredients include salicylic acid which is known to be great for sloughing off dead skin cells and by a deep exfoliating action. This face wash also clears acne and helps with pimples by treating microbial infections on your skin, leaving your skin fresh and oil-free.

3. Oriflame Love Nature Face Wash – Orange

Another great pick from Oriflame's range of face washes, this product is a wonderful addition to a teenager's daily beauty regimen. Young girls and boys go through a lot of hormonal changes that sometimes result in acne breakout and enlarged pores on the skin. The hormonal changes also lead to overproduction of oil and sebum on the skin and in some cases, the opposite happens and the skin goes dry and flaky.

The Love Nature Oriflame face wash is specially curated for teenagers with oily or combination skin types as it gently removes oil and sebum from the skin and deeply cleanses the pores, leaving your skin soft, hydrated and supple. The product is mildly fragrant with a hint of citrus and tangy orange fragrance, that gives an instant refreshing feeling by soothing your nerves. Teenagers with oily and combination skin can benefit greatly from this face wash as it leaves your skin oil-free and regular use can even control acne and tighten pores.

These top three Oriflame face washes are great for your skin and also easy on the pocket. You can find all other face washes from the brand on this page along with their prices and features. 

Price List

Model Price
Oriflame Pure Skin Deep Cleanse Face Wash - 150 m… Rs. 1,829
Oriflame Essentials Face Wash with Vitamin E & Ca… Rs. 1,199
Oriflame Glow Essentials Face Wash with Vitamins … Rs. 1,369
Oriflame Pure Skin Purifying Face Wash 150ml (326… Rs. 1,499
Oriflame Pure Skin Purifying Face Wash (32646) Rs. 1,500
Oriflame Essentials Face Wash with Vitamin E & Ca… Rs. 1,199
Oriflame Glow Essentials Face Wash with Vitamins … Rs. 1,369
Oriflame Love Nature Purifying Gel Wash with Orga… Rs. 1,439
Oriflame Essentials Face Wash with Vitamin E & Ca… Rs. 1,450
Oriflame Essentials Face Wash Vitamin E & Canola … Rs. 999
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