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The best price of Osaka in Pakistan is Rs. 5,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,160.


A Pakistani brand that produces various kinds of LED lights. This includes bulbs, tube lights and rechargeable emergency lights. The brand prices their products competitively making them affordable.


Osaka Lighting

A brand that started in 1984 by making PVC electric tape that is used for insulation, which we often see used for tape-ball cricket too. Over the years the brand has expanded and now also produces lighting solution based on LED technology.

Osaka lighting products

The larger variety is in their LED bulb section, with 3 basic shapes. The first being regular round bulbs, the second is the crystal bulb which is shaped similar to a flame and is more commonly used in chandeliers. The third bulb is the bullet-shaped one. There are different wattages available so one can choose how much brightness they need for their space and choose the apt wattage. The higher the wattage the more powerful the light source.

The light temperature options are daylight or warm white. There is a bit of difference between these two, with one being closer to white and the other more toward the yellow shades. Which you decide to use is a matter of what feel you would like your room or space to have. 

Osaka also has a specific model called the Magic Bulb, this is a step further with its built-in battery. If the light goes this bulb can stay on for up to 3 hours based on its internal battery. It needs to be used often enough to retain charge and then it is set to work without electricity or a UPS. Making it a very convenient device to have installed. This one is available only in the daylight light temperature.

There are 2 options for LED tube lights, the variation is in wattage and shape. One is tubular while the other has a mushroom flare to it when seen from the side. The light temperature for both these is daylight and these are made for indoor usage. Another kind of light Osaka has is the circular downlight which can be installed into a false ceiling, there are two options for these. The colour temperature is daylight and warm white or just daylight, depending on which of the two you choose.

Aside from this Osaka has rechargeable lights. One is in the shape of a torch and the other two are shaped like emergency lights. Out of these two, one is made from plastics, while the other is an aluminium alloy, making it durable. It is also IPX6 rated so it can be used in rain and is sturdy enough to be used as a hammer in emergencies.


The prices of Osaka lighting products are in the competitive ranges; making them affordable. Especially given LED lights have a longer life than the other bulbs one can purchase and also the fact that LED bulbs use about 50% lesser electricity.

Price List

Model Price
Osaka MF 80D-23L Maintenance Free Battery 75 Ah Rs. 12,570
Osaka S85Z Plus Lead Acid Battery 11 Plates 60 AH Rs. 10,530
Osaka Solar 50 Battery Rs. 5,500
Osaka MF 70R Maintenance Free Battery 48 Ah Rs. 12,380
Osaka MF 80R Maintenance Free Battery 75 Ah Rs. 24,596
Osaka S75+ Lead Acid Battery 9 Plates 50 AH Rs. 18,012
Osaka MF 80L Maintenance Free Battery 75 Ah Rs. 24,596
Osaka MF 100R Maintenance Free Battery 80 Ah Rs. 14,520
Osaka Platinum P-135 S Battery 17 Plates 105 Ah Rs. 22,287
Osaka Platinum T-125 S Acid Battery 15 Plates 100… Rs. 20,406
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