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The best price of Oven Toaster in Pakistan is Rs. 6,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,814.


A kitchen appliance that runs on electricity, oven toasters can function as smaller sized ovens. One can use them to cook, bake and reheat their food. Some models do not have temperature control and work better only for heating one's food, others come with a rotisserie. You can choose based on your needs and the budget you have in mind.


Oven Toaster

Essentially a mini-sized oven that can be used to heat and cook some food items aside from toasting one's bread. An oven toaster has a horizontal rack on which one can place their bread for it to be heated. There are electronic heating elements, at the top and bottom both. One can generally select which ones they want on as over toasters have a knob to select either of the two or have both on for heat from the top and bottom.

There is another knob that one can set the timing with; it slowly clicks back to a resting position and has a 'ding' when it reaches that position.  Some oven toasters also have options for setting the temperature, but this is with specific models and not a regular feature. This is needed especially for people who plan to use their oven toaster to cook or bake. The rack inside has multiple grooves into which it can be slid, this allows users to alternate the height and thus the distance between the food and the heating elements.

Given the positioning of the rack onto which the toast goes the toast can be made with toppings. This gives one options to make cheese toast, garlic bread and more. Oven toasters do generally take more time to toast bread in comparison to conventional toasters.

There are certain models that come with a rotisserie option as well, meaning one has even more diverse cooking possibilities.


The heating elements in oven toasters use quite a bit of electricity to run, that being one of the downsides of this kitchen appliance. Oven toasters have a bottom tray that goes under the lower heating element to catch any of the dripping grease and crumbs so cleaning it is easier. One can also use sprays designed to clean ovens to keep their oven spick and span.

The price of an oven toaster varies depending on its size, specific features and the brand that produced it. Generally, it is a mid-price product in Pakistan. The known brands include Back & Decker, Anex and Westpoint. One can pick an oven toaster based on their needs and the budget they have in mind.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Oven Toaster DWOT2515 Rs. 16,500
WestPoint Oven Toaster WF4200RKF Rs. 14,200
WestPoint WF-5258 Oven Toaster with Air Fryer Rs. 33,400
Dawlance Oven Toaster 4215 Rs. 20,499
PEL Desire Microwave Oven 23 Ltr Black (... Rs. 20,500
Black & Decker Oven Toaster 35Ltr TRO55 Rs. 20,200
Anex Jumbo Oven Toaster AG-3070 Rs. 26,750
ANEX Oven Toaster AG-3073 Rs. 20,500
Anex AG-1064 Oven Toaster (1380W) Rs. 11,879
Elite Oven Toaster 45 Litre ETO-453R Black Rs. 22,999
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