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Paceman produces a few different kinds of bowling machines. Some are made at full power for older players and others are a little constrained for the junior players. These machines use their own specific balls and make for a convenient way to train for batsmen. The price of a Paceman bowling machine is in the mid ranges.


Paceman bowling machine

A bowling machine is a convenient training partner for batsmen. Paceman is one of the more commonly known brands that produce bowling machines that are used in multiple countries.

The Paceman bowling machine uses specific balls which are made for it. They look like large-sized golf balls and have multiple hardness options, meaning the weightedness varies. These bowling machines are to be used with only these balls.

The brand has multiple options with the differences being their power ratings, some are made for younger kids which do not have the same amount of speed in delivery. The model for grownups has the ability to bowl a bowl at 95kph or more if it is a lighter ball and has a universal pitch and swing adjustor. The auto feeder also has a variation, some models have 12 while others have 18 balls or more.

The machines have an easy to assemble design making them convenient to take apart and store.


The Paceman bowling machines are available for mid-range prices.

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