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The best price of Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense in Pakistan is Rs. 11,320 and estimated average price is Rs. 13,989.


Paco Rabanne has a lot of great fragrances, the Invictus line is one of their known ones. Invictus Intense was released in 2017 and is a darker version of the steely original one. This version is more about the amber than the wood notes and completely lacks the sea plus citrus notes from the original. This gives Invictus Intense a darker fragrance, as is suggested by the name too. The price of this cologne is just after an affordable range, as far as fragrances go.


Based in Paris, Paco Rabanne was started in 1966 by Francisco "Paco" Rabaneda Cuervo who is better known as Paco Rabanne. He was an architect by training who started to design clothes and became known for his eclectic sense of fashion; as well as his use of different materials such as paper and metal.

The Paco Rabanne brand also produces fragrances in collaboration with Puig, the personal product conglomerate. The best-known lines are Collection Million, XS and Invictus. All of these lines have multiple iterations. Invictus Intense is one of these iterations from the main Invictus line.

Invictus Intense

Unlike the original that is a lot more light with aquatic feels, Invictus Intense is a lot more about amber notes and the warmer, musky feel. 

The top notes are made from black pepper and orange blossom. This provides a spicy opening with a hint of an animalistic floral note. Coming to the heart of the cologne one finds whiskey and laurels. Whiskey has a lot of notes mixed together, so it creates a layered space and the laurels are camphorous; similar to eucalyptus leaves.

At the base, Invictus Intense has amber, ambergris and salt. This anchors all the upper notes into a warmer space which also has some sweetness to it. The salt also adds in some of the sea, which is more marine than aquatic. Aquatic notes are closer to the freshwater experience.

Invictus Intense is a very versatile cologne that can be worn at any time and during any season. It is a strong cologne that stays for a long time, this is ideal as one doesn't need to keep topping up.


Invictus Intense is relatively expensive, coming at a mid-range price. The strength and quality of the scent are top-shelf.

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Model Price
Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense EDT 100ml Rs. 13,900
Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Eau De Toilette for… Rs. 11,320
Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Edt 100ml Rs. 13,900
Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Edt 100ml Rs. 16,929
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