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The best price of Pakola Milk in Pakistan is Rs. 26 and estimated average price is Rs. 272.


Refreshing cream soda with unique flavours inspired by the Pakistani culture and identity to celebrate nationalism while providing a satisfying cold beverage to the masses. The company that created Pakola is called Pakistan Beverage Limited and was started in 1950 as a beverage manufacturer factory. Partnering with multinational companies such as Pepsi Co, it was the official bottler for the international drink in 1979.


Quality & Ingredients  

The company MBL that produced Pakola is the first bottling plant in Pakistan certified by ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001 and RVA HACCP that ensures all its processes are optimised and of high standards of manufacturing canned and tetra packed products. The ice cream soda mixture has carbonated water, vanilla syrup, sugar, citric acid and artificial flavour. The bright green colours come from the chemical FD & C Bleu No 1 called E 133 and FD & C Yellow No. 5 called E 10 bound together and preserved by sodium benzoate. The drink is safe to consume by both children and adults

Design and Taste 

The Pakola can design has a slimmer design than other mainstream cans making it a lightweight and smaller portion. It has vitamin C that can help boost energy and essential for body functioning. The citrus flavours paired with a flowery aroma make this an ethnically inspired drink. It has a sweet aftertaste and can be had with lunch and dinner with meals at parties and dinners. The children who enjoy Pakola enjoy the bright colours and bubbly texture of the drink. The dessert-like taste makes this a fun snack for picnics to be enjoyed between meals as well while playing outside. Pakola that is 8.5 fl ounces or 250 ml will have 33 g of sugar, 15 mg of sodium, 0 g of cholesterol, 0 g fat, 0 g of protein which comes to about 130 calories per can.

Price List

Model Price
Pakola Ice Cream Flavored Milk 250ml, 12 Pieces Rs. 1,050
Pakola Juice Zafran 250ml 6 pieces Rs. 419
Pakola Chocolate Flavoured Milk, 250ml, 12 Pieces Rs. 1,050
Pakola Flavour Milk Chocolate 235ml Rs. 52
Pakola Icecream Flavour Milk 250ml Rs. 53
Pakola Pure Milk 250ml Rs. 53
Pakola Pure Natural Milk 1000ml Rs. 230
Pakola Strawberry Yum Milk 125 ML 12 Pieces 1 … Rs. 674
Pakola Juice Zafran 250ml 6 pieces Rs. 419
Pakola Double Delight Flavoured Milk 250ml Rs. 70
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