Palmolive Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Palmolive Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 185 and estimated average price is Rs. 307.


The shampoo range from one of the largest international brands. The range is diverse, with options for different hair kinds. Palmolive shampoos are available for very competitive prices.


Palmolive Shampoo

From the Colgate-Palmolive family of products, Palmolive shampoo is their line of hair cleaning products that are packaged in the familiar ovoid-shaped bottle. The brand has a couple of different kinds of shampoos to suit various hair types. One can find Palmolive shampoo that makes use of ingredients such as olive oil, aloe vera, tea tree, keratin, ginseng and more.

These ingredients are different for the different shampoos, depending on what the shampoo is designed for. Some Palmolive shampoos are for anti-dandruff while others are to give the hair a more silky straight look. There are also iterations that are designed to give hair more shine or extra moisture.

Which Palmolive shampoo you choose is a matter of the desired effect you are looking for. Their overall scent profile is mostly toward the sweeter side of smells.

Palmolive shampoos are available for relatively nominal prices in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Palmolive Naturals Healthy & Smooth Shampoo 180ml Rs. 269
Beauty Favourite - Palmolive Intensive Moisture S… Rs. 299
Palmolive Naturals Healthy & Smooth Shampoo 375ml Rs. 498
Palmolive Naturals Long & Shine Shampoo Rs. 230
Palmolive Shampoo Healthy & Smoothl 180ml Rs. 209
Palmolive Naturals Silky Straight Shampoo 375ml Rs. 450
Palmolive Anti Dandruff Shampoo Rs. 185
Palmolive Shampoo Silky Straight 350ml Rs. 383
Palmolive Shampo Healthy Smooth Rs. 451
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