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The best price of Pan Masala in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 212.


The traditional taste of Pan Masala is a South Asian legacy, it is celebrated by the region as affordable, simple yet flavourful in its taste. There are numerous companies in Pakistan that have mastered the manufacturing and packaging of Pan Masala.


Snack & Mouth Fresheners 

The demand for Pan Masala in Pakistan is due to its cheap price and single-serving packets that can easily be carried in your pocket and sold individually for a price as low as 1 to 5 Rs. The box has 40 plus pieces and is available in the classic and chocolate flavours.  


The popular pan masala brand called Tulsi is owned by Shalimar Food Products. They advertise it is as a sweet Paan Masala that is made from Betel Nuts, Dry Dates, Aniseed, Cardamom seeds, Essential Oils, Artificial Flavors like menthol that are safe for human consumption and sodium cyclamate. Tulsi is available in 3 kinds of packaging including Tulsi Silver, Tulsi Gold and Tusi Mouth Freshener. It is had on festive occasions such as weddings and mehindis in Pakistan by children and adults.

Hum Tum 

The Hum Tum pan masala is owned by Golden Food Industries. The company also sells products including Sweet Flavored Betel Nuts or Sweet Supari and other Snacks in Pakistan. They have been selling Hum Tum Pan Masala locally and internationally since 1985. Along with the two dominating ingredients such as Betelnut and sugar-coated Fennel Seeds there are also Sesame Seeds, Coconut and Saffron that create the rich flavour of Hum Tum. The Chocolate Pan Masala by Hum Tum is very popular in Pakistan as it has good quality chocolate coating.

Shahi Aas Pas Chocolate Pan Masala

The company known as Shahi created Aas Pas Chocolate Pan Masala that has a minty base flavour. They use Linseed which gives its a special kind of texture to the mix that is preferred over other Chocolate Pan Masala products.

Price List

Model Price
Pan Masala – Peshawar – 150g Rs. 299
Pan Masala Mix | Sweet Paan Masla Candy | Meetha … Rs. 219
Hum Tum Chocolate Pan Masala Rs. 195
Emperor Pan Masala Coconut, 04, 220g Rs. 250
Pan Masala Mix - High Quality - Fresh Stock - 500… Rs. 300
Gogo Pan Masala (24 Pcs Per Pack) Rs. 155
Pack Of 48 Hum Tum Chocolate Pan Masala Rs. 125
Maizban Super Silver Pan Masala, Jar, 150g Rs. 230
Maizban Sweet Beatle Stick Saunf Pan Masala, Jar,… Rs. 230
Sweet Hyderabadi Pan Masala-cardamom Flavour-24 P… Rs. 399
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