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The best price of Panasonic in Pakistan is Rs. 570 and estimated average price is Rs. 50,320.


Another Japanese brand that is producing a very wide variety of products. Panasonic has enjoyed a great reputation in the market for many decades. Their product range includes household care items, entertainment-related devices, cameras and a lot more. With an ever-mutating catalogue to keep up with current trends. Panasonic as a brand is a relatively more expensive one, given their product quality is from a higher end.


The Panasonic Corporation

Among the many Japanese electronics giants is another of similar stature, Panasonic. Started by Kōnosuke Matsushita in 1918, the brand originally produced lightbulb sockets. Later Panasonic started making other products, with major growth post-WWII. For a long time, Panasonic used the 'National' label of electronics. In Pakistan, National is well known for their heavy irons that almost all households had. Another brand owned by Panasonic is Technics. Technics is dedicated to DJ plus audio equipment and has been behind some of the best turntables to every be made. They are so high quality that even today many venues have turntables from the 1980s in regular use. Aside from this Panasonic also produces head units, GPS systems and audio for cars. With a small collection of smartphones based on Google's Android platform as well.

Panasonic's product range in Pakistan

A household name in Pakistan since decades, Panasonic is trusted in the local market. From the days before the window unit AC, Panasonic has been around and still maintains a great reputation. Today a more diverse variety of Panasonic products are available in Pakistan.

Panasonic's devices for the kitchen have the full spectrum including microwaves, food processors, juicers, blenders, toasters, electric kettles and more. Apart from the kitchen, other household-related devices are their vacuums, irons, washing machines, fridges, humidifiers, air purifiers, split ACs and other such items. Also a part of the entertainment section, Panasonic develops sound systems, home theatre systems and LED TVs. There is a range of projectors and headphones as well.

The body and beauty related products that Panasonic produces include hair dryers, facial steamers, straighteners, trimmers and epilators. With another line that has cameras and camcorders under the 'Lumix' umbrella. The cameras include DSLRs as well as the newer mirrorless digital cameras. Their camcorders have simple everyday versions or the more high-end models that can be used to shoot a professional grade movie. Another side includes phones for the home and office, either the older models with the coiled cord or the cordless phones that have a docking station they charge via.


Panasonic keeps adding or evolving products as time passes, staying relevant to the market. In light of that they also phase out products they feel are no longer a good market fit. Generally, the prices of Panasonic devices is high, given their quality of product build and design.

Price List

Model Price
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner CG713 Rs. 43,800
Panasonic 9kg Top Load Automatic Washing Machine … Rs. 109,900
Panasonic 1.0 Ton Inverter AC CS-UE12WKF-9 Rs. 103,900
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 Digital Camera Black Rs. 65,599
NN-S776S Panasonic Microwave Oven Inverter 44Ltr … Rs. 53,999
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner - 713 Rs. 21,699
Panasonic Live Streaming HD Camcorder (HC-V720) Rs. 63,999
Panasonic Air Curtain 4 Feet with Door Sensor Rs. 44,000
Panasonic MC-CG525R 1700W Dust Bag 4Ltr Vacuum Cl… Rs. 25,999
Panasonic SD60 Full HD Camcorder With SD Card Rec… Rs. 33,500
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