Panasonic Hand Mixer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Panasonic Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,936 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,186.


Among the many products offered by Panasonic, one can also find hand mixers. A useful tool for the kitchen that can help you hassle by aiding in repetitive tasks.


Panasonic is one of the leading brands of consumer goods.

The brand also produces hand mixers, these come with different attachments that can execute a varied range of tasks. One could use it to mix cake batter, cookie dough or whisk an egg. if you want to churn butter or make whipped cream a hand mixer could also be used for that.

Whisking an egg could be handled as well and in a commercial kitchen, this would be a pain without a hand mixer.

The Panasonic hand mixers have different speeds so one can choose the speed that suits the task at hand. The price of these hand mixers is in an affordable range, making them accessible.

Price List

Model Price
Panasonic Hand Mixer (MK-GH3) Rs. 6,325
Panasonic Hand Mixer (MK-GB1) Rs. 7,499
Panasonic Hand Mixer (MK-GH3) Rs. 4,999
Panasonic Hand Mixer White (MK-GH3WTZ) Rs. 7,999
Panasonic Hand Mixer - Gh-3 Rs. 7,299
Panasonic Hand Mixer (MK-GH1) Rs. 4,936
MK-GH3 WTZ Panasonic Hand Mixer (175W) White Rs. 8,299
Panasonic MK-GB3 WTZ Hand Mixer Egg Beater Rs. 11,499
MK-GB3 WTZ Panasonic Hand Mixer Egg Beater Rs. 9,699
Panasonic MK-GH3 WTZ 175W Hand Mixer Rs. 10,499
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