Panasonic Iron Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Panasonic Iron in Pakistan is Rs. 2,449 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,298.


The Panasonic iron is essential in maintaining fresh and clean clothing at home. It offers advanced features such as temperature control, water bath that has steaming and water spray functions and high quality plastic body that prevents any unwanted electric shocks. It is a premium iron that has high-end models that will last a very long time without needing any maintenance.


Product Range 

Panasonic has been innovating on the design of stainless steel dry ironing that is seen classically with only a temperature control lever and heavy-duty coating on the wire to protect from electric shock. The classic iron has been upgraded in the new Panasonic iron models with inbuilt steaming and water spray features that improve the quality of ironing. The one-step iron takes care of all types of fabrics and wrinkles making it easy to use on anything in your closet. Users will be able to smoothly remove all wrinkles with a burst of steam while pressing down on the clothes. The freshness can be enhanced by adding fabric freshener to the water bath that creates the steam. 

Operation & Mechanism 

The Non-Stick Coating Soleplate is part of the heating mechanism that is simple and user-friendly, once the iron is hot the user will apply pressure on the handle and glide the iron on the clothes. It is directly plugged into the wall socket for electricity and has one wire powering the iron. This cable is made from durable plastic and is usually coated with threading to prevent accidental electrical shock to the user. 

Advanced Features

The multifunctional temperature control can be set according to fabric being pressed. The handle is ergonomic and has a firm grip making it easy to control the direction of the iron. There are attached and removable water bath containers that are easy to use and self-cleaning. The cordless iron is an advanced upgrade to the traditional iron that comes with its own carry case.

Price List

Model Price
Panasonic Steam Iron E410TRTV Rs. 9,000
Panasonic NI-21-AWT Deluxe Automatic Dry Iron 100… Rs. 6,500
Panasonic 317T Dry Iron Rs. 8,000
Panasonic NI-317-T malaysia Rs. 4,000
Panasonic Steam Iron NI-P300T Rs. 15,500
Panasonic Iron 22AWT Rs. 8,000
Panasonic NI-21-AWT Deluxe Automatic Dry Iron 100… Rs. 6,500
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