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The best price of Paper Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 690 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,589.


Paper bags are used a lot in restaurants and stores, they are a more environmentally friendly way to package carry things compared to plastic bags. Paper bags are a lot easier to recycle. The price of paper bags depends on their size and specific type, some have extra coatings or are multiwall for extra durability.


Paper Bag

Usually made out of 'kraft paper', a paper bag is available in many sizes and designs. The idea behind paper bags is that they can be recycled, in fact, in some countries the base material has to be a certain percentage of recycled material.

It is also common to find paper bags made from thicker cardboard, such as in gift shops. With some paper bags, there are cut out handles or handles similar to a tote-bag. These can be used, but one must be careful because after a certain amount of weight the handles may rip, so the bag has to be held from the base as well when being carried.

Many different brands such as restaurants or grocery shops have their logos printed onto paper bags. This is an easy way to market the brand as well as personalise the paper bag.

Multiwall paper bags are the kind which is used for cement sacks. These at times have extra coatings on them as well. Paper bags with coatings are harder to recycle.


One can find a lot of different designs of paper bags, as well as sizes. They can be bought in bulk as well. The prices vary depending on the size and type. Generally, though paper bags cost more than the thin plastic bags, this also being the reason why a lot of stores use plastic bags.

Price List

Model Price
Paperbag Waist Slant Pocket Self Belted Pants Rs. 3,450
Chevron Print Paperbag Waist Belted Wide Leg Pants Rs. 5,625
Stone Check Paper Bag Trouser Rs. 4,459
Black Paperbag Waist Pocket Side Pants With Strap Rs. 3,850
Paperbag Non Denim Pants Rs. 990
VCAY Plants Print Paperbag Waist Belted Shorts Rs. 4,770
Lemon Tart Womens Paper Bag Waist Detail Wide Leg… Rs. 1,199
Floral Print Paperbag Waist Belted Pants(MS) Rs. 3,450
EMERY ROSE 1pc Confetti Heart Print Paperbag Wais… Rs. 4,575
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