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Legendary Pakistani poetess, whose life was cut short by a tragic road accident in 1994, Parveen Shakir was the pioneer of using feminism in poetry. She changed the face of the male-dominated Urdu poetry scene by being the first poetess to use the word Larki (girl) in her work. Before her, not even female poetesses used first-person feminine pronoun in their poetry. A teacher and a civil servant by profession Parveen Shakir was a breakthrough poetess who left a rich legacy behind. Read on as Shopsy gives you a complete list of Parveen Shakir poetry books available online at varied prices in Pakistan.


Poetry Style

Parveen defied tradition through her style of poetry which focused on feminism, love, the plight of a woman and social stigmas. She used ghazal and free verse as the two main styles of poetry and heavy use of similes, personifications and metaphors can be seen in all of Perveen Shakir poetry books. Her poetry showcases realistic thematic scenes and delivers a lady's take on sentiment, affection, attractiveness, love, closeness, sorrow, parting, doubts, betrayal and unfaithfulness.

The best thing about her poetry is the way Parveen Shakir tells the world how a woman loves a man with all her heart and soul. Shakir conveys all that in a sophisticated and modest manner, never crossing from love to lust melts the hearts of the readers. 

List of Parveen Shakir Poetry Books

1. Khushbu (Fragrance) - 1976

2. Sad-barg (Marsh Marigold) - 1980

3. Khud-kalaami (Talking to oneself) - 1990

4. Inkaar (Refusal) - 1990

5. Maah-e-Tamaam (Full Moon) - 1994

6. Kaf-e-Aa'ina (The Edge of the Mirror) 

Awards and Accolades

The poetess received the highest award by the Pakistani government, the Pride of Performance award for her first book, ‘Khushboo’. It also won the Adamjee Literary Award.  

Top 5 Most Famous Verses by Parveen Shakir

1. Chalne ka hausla nahin rukna muhaal kar diya

    Ishq ke is safar ne to mujh ko nidhal kar diya

2. Kaise kah duun ke mujhe chhor diya hai us ne

    Baat to sach hai magar baat hai rusvayi ki

3. Paas jab tak vo rahe dard thamā rahtā hai

    Phailta jaata hai phir aankh ke kajal ki tarah

4. Kū-ba-kū phail ga.ī baat shanāsā.ī kī

    Us ne khushbu ki tarah meri pazirayi ki

5. Tu badalta hai to be-sakhta meri aankhen

    Apne hathon ki lakiron se ulajh jaati hain

If her style is what you seek in poetry, search for Parveen Shakir poetry books at Shopsy, read descriptions, compare prices and grab your favourite. Happy reading!

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