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The best price of Pashmina Shawl in Pakistan is Rs. 1,050 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,891.


Cashmere to the West, Pashmina wool originates from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir and is considered the finest wool in the world. It is also amongst the most expensive and rare type of wool out there. Shawls and suits curated out of Pashmina are sold at high price points globally. Pashmina shawls exude luxury and keep you warm while making you look exquisite and elegant. High-quality shawls made out of pashmina wool are coveted all around the world and the purest ones are expensive and rare. Check out Pashmina shawl prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for tips to identify real pashmina.


Pashmina shawl is made from the hair of the rarest species of Changthangi/Cashmere or Capra Hircus goats found in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. The hair is collected from the underbelly of Cashmere goats and is spun into wool for manufacturing high-quality pashmina shawls and suits for men and women.

The best Pashmina shawls are handwoven and hand-spun with intricate embroidery along the borders. Other than shawls and suits, handwoven scarves, stoles, blankets, throws, wraps etc made out of pashmina wool are also highly sought after, especially in Pakistan. 

Characteristics of Pure Pashmina Shawls

You can tell the difference between real and fake pashmina shawl by looking for certain characteristics.

1. Pure pashmina will be matte in appearance, though some can have a slight sheen.

2. Burn a tiny fringe of the shawl and if it reduces to powder and smells like burnt hair, it is real.

3. Check for the diameter and don't buy anything above 19 microns. The best diameter to opt for is 14-15.5 microns as the lower the microns the better quality and soft texture pashmina has.

4. Nothing can be glued onto real pashmina. Even if it is, it won't stay on for long due to the silken soft texture of the fabric. So if you see some label or tag pasted or glued onto a pashmina shawl it is probably fake.

5. Pashmina shawls are handwoven so they will always have irregular weaving. 

6. Pure pashmina scarf and shawl is lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear.

Multiple online stores sell high-quality pashmina shawls and scarves at varied prices in Pakistan. Online whole sellers deal in Pashmina shawls and suits for Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad and all major cities in the country. With these tips in mind, you will most likely find the best and purest pashmina shawls online as well as in stores.

Happy shopping!

Price List

Model Price
Ideas Unstitched Woven Pashmina Shawl Suit AP-120… Rs. 5,454
Ideas Unstitched Printed Pashmina Shawl Embroider… Rs. 3,774
Ideas Unstitched Printed Pashmina Shawl Suit AP-1… Rs. 3,594
Ideas Unstitched Printed Pashmina Shawl Suit AP-1… Rs. 4,494
3-Pc Digital Printed Viscose Long Shirt With Pash… Rs. 8,500
Pashmina Shawl Rs. 1,469
3PC Pashmina Shawl Suit AP-22014 Winter Collection Rs. 5,931
Sanaulla Exclusive Range Embroidered Pashmina Sha… Rs. 7,160
Motifz Unstitched Embroidered Pashmina Blend Shaw… Rs. 4,403
Sanaulla Exclusive Range Pashmina Shawls AKP-639-… Rs. 7,600
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