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The best price of Payal in Pakistan is Rs. 3,350 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,933.


A sophisticated piece of South Asian jewellery that is worn on both ankles by women on formal occasions as well as casually in their everyday life. There are gold and silver Payal designs available online with intricate engraving patterns, precious multicoloured stones and metallic droplet tassels that sound beautiful when walking. It can be worn on one ankle depending on your personal style choices as they are sold individually or as a set in a larger jewellery box with a necklace, earrings and rings.


The Payal has been part of the jewellery design of South Asian for centuries. It was originally a handmade chain kept short in length to be worn on the ankle loosely creating a circle on the top of the foot. It is usually worn when the feet are painted with Henna designs on brides and bridesmaids during a wedding. The Payal is a great way to embellish the feet when being barefoot or with flat shoes or chappals on a mehndi or formal occasion not compromising on feeling fashionable or risk being underdressed for the event. The feet are considered a part of eastern beauty and were romanticised by poets thus creating glamour and enigma around wearing a Payal as part of celebrating femininity.

Casual Payal Designs

The expensive Payal is made from real gold and silver worn exclusively on formal occasions in Pakistan. There are affordable designs for women and girls that are easy to wear as these are made from steel or alloy mixed metals that are inexpensive. For ladies, who enjoy wearing minimal jewellery and prefer to keep their hands clear of rings can enjoy wearing a Payal every day.

These designs still look fancy and have all the same elements such as engraving, diamontes, multicoloured stones and hanging beads or tassels around the chain.

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Payal by Sidra Aleem Unstitched Printed Viscose L… Rs. 3,350
Payal Rs. 26,100
Payal by Sidra Aleem Unstitched Printed Viscose L… Rs. 3,350
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