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The best price of Pears Soap in Pakistan is Rs. 99 and estimated average price is Rs. 221.


The world-renowned transparent soap in an amber colour, Pears has been in production for over 200 years. It is a gentle soap with a scent that is also soft and reminiscent of a garden as the original creator formulated. There are also a few other versions that were added later to the collection. As far as soaps go, Pears is towards a slightly more expensive side.


Pears soap is known for being gentle and also being transparent. The transparent aspect was the marketing lynchpin as back when it was created soaps were all opaque. The shape is also a bit particular, with an ovoid shape.

Pears was started in 1789 and the original one is an amber colour with a scent that is similar to a garden. The scent is also gentle so it is not overpowering. Made with a mix of Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Rosin; although the exact formulation is not known. 

There is a new formula that is softer and lasts half as long, with this version the scent is also stronger and a bit different from the original. This is not denoted on the box, so one could get either at times. The original Pears soap has generally done better and is still prefered.


Compared to other soaps, Pears soap is a slightly more expensive option.

Price List

Model Price
Pears Pure And Gentle Soap 125g Rs. 199
Pears Soap Pure & Gentle Care125g Rs. 261
Pears Transparent Soap (125g) Rs. 286
Pears Soap with Mint Extract Germ Shield Rs. 220
Pears Pure and Gentle Soap with Natural Oils 125g Rs. 130
Pears Pure & Gentle Soap with Natural Oils Rs. 190
Pears Oil Clear Soap Rs. 190
Pears Transparent Soap Orange 125g Rs. 320
Pears Transparent Soap Pure & Gentle With Natural… Rs. 210
Pears Liquid Hand Wash 250ml Rs. 350
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