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The best price of Pelikan Fountain Pen in Pakistan is Rs. 125 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,288.


A German brand that produces various stationery items, including fountain pens. Pelikan has different options one can choose from, some are more everyday pens and others are from their premium lines. The regular use ones are aimed at students and kids, with some for offices. The premium lines are for people who like to purchase more expensive fountain pens for personal use.


Pelikan fountain pen

A brand which is recognised as holding one fo the earliest German trademarks, Pelikan is a stationery brand which produces various pens, pencils, some art supplies, office supplies and erasers. The brand was created in 1838 and is based in Hanover.

Among the various pens produced by Pelikan, one can find fountain pens as well. There are quite a few options to choose from. There are versions made for kids and students, then come the more official office use fountain pens; on to more luxurious fountain pens.

Everyday fountain pens from Pelikan

The various lines have their own names such as Pelikano Up and Twist. The Twist series is literally a twisted pen which is made so it fits one's grip better. These pens are made with block colours in multiple options. Most of the simpler models use an ink cartridge and with some of the models, there is a small cut out where one can see the level of ink left as well. The nibs are made from high-quality stainless steel so they are tough and do not wear down easily.

These are the kinds of pens that target offices or students. Making for cheaper variants that can be used regularly without worry of loss.

Luxury lines

The luxury lines have better materials used for the body and have more design elements. Some are even full of metal patterns and a more sophisticated overall design grade. Others are like demonstrator pens which are transparent. The ink filling mechanisms on these are mechanical. These variants are made from high-quality resin which is very durable and can last a long time.

These lines have options for multiple nibs, so if a varied amount of thickness in line is needed one can choose based on that.

The nibs with some of these options could be 24-carat gold as well, depending on which fountain pen one chooses. There are options that have decorative rings on the body too.

Pelikan has gone for fancier names for these lines, with names such as Toledo, Maki-e, Raden, Souverna and Pura.


Generally, the everyday options are affordable pens but for comparison cost a lot more than a Dollar fountain pen. The classic lines are much more expensive due to the materials used to make them. Pelikan fountain pens are top quality products in the categories they belong to. The German level of production is visible in their range.

Price List

Model Price
Pelikan Fountain pen Inks 4001 Rs. 699
Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink (Red) Rs. 649
Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink ( Black ) Rs. 539
Pelikan Fountain pen Inks 4001 Rs. 699
Pelikan Fountain pen Inks 4001 Rs. 699
Pelikan Junior Nib Fountain Pen P67 A (1pcs) Rs. 3,545
Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink 4001 – The Original 62… Rs. 620
Pelikan Style Fountain Pen Black & White Rs. 5,550
Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink 62.5ML Blue Rs. 2,400
Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge ( Small & Larg… Rs. 125
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