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The best price of Pen Holder in Pakistan is Rs. 229 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,079.


A holder, stand or a rack is a convenient way to organize your pens and pencils. It also helps keep your pens or pencils in an accessible range. Most people like to keep a pen holder on their work desk, with all their favourite pens or markers for easy access whenever needed. Read on for ideas on how you can make multiple uses of a simple pen rack or holder and check out pen holder prices in Pakistan on this page.


Designs & Materials

Wood is considered one of the most durable materials for pen racks and holders. Other materials include wrought iron, plastic, metal, fibreglass, acrylic, stone etc. The designs can be anything from a simple square holder to a wide rectangular, triangular or circular holder with embellishments and decorative accents.

There are also more modern types that come in many shapes like a hut, food items, vehicles, animals etc and can be in a form of a shallow rack rather than the traditional deep standing design. Let's see what else a holder can accommodate other than pencils and pens. 


You can also use a simple holder for your eye pencils, lip pencils, lip glosses, eyeliners, mascaras, makeup brushes or any long cylindrical cosmetic items. You can buy multiple holders for organizing all your cosmetics and label them accordingly. Imagine the space it will save you. 

Art Supplies

A plain old pen holder can accommodate all your favourite paint brushes easily. You can also use it to hold craft scissors, box cutters, measuring rulers, crayons, colouring pencils, markers, highlighter pens etc.

Grooming Tools

You can use a holder to keep your manicure-pedicure tools like cuticle scissors, nippers, grooming tools like hair comb, hairbrushes, beard brush, eyebrow shaping tools like tweezers, eyebrow razor, eyebrow pencils etc. 


A pencil holder can easily accommodate your family's toothbrushes and toothpaste etc. It is a cheap alternative to some of the expensive bathroom organizers or toothbrush holders in the market. 


While you can buy some expensive and extensive cutlery holders, a simple pen or pencil holder is a cheap but convenient option. You can put a limited day to day use cutlery like spoons, forks, knives etc in a holder, if not all of it and can place it on the kitchen counter or side slabs etc for easy access and organizing. 


The more modern holders can accommodate all your stationary or necessary items in one place. They come with small drawers and compartments etc that can hold your stationery items like erasers, sharpeners, staplers, office clips, pins etc. 

Buy simple or beautifully designed pen holders and stands from our website at the best prices in Pakistan. We house a wide collection of products from local as well as international brands from around the world.

Price List

Model Price
Mazri Art Pen Holder – Skin Green Rs. 552
Mazri Art Pen Holder – Blue Rs. 552
Retro Crystal Elegant Flower Glass Dip Pen Signat… Rs. 1,381
Modern Pen Holder for Office and Study Table Rs. 400
Iqra Genuine Leather Folder with pad and pen A4 s… Rs. 2,000
Globe Book Pen Holder Rs. 2,205
Super Dinosaur 3D EVA Cartoon Storage Pouch Pen H… Rs. 1,090
Multi-Functional-9-Storage-Mesh-Metal-Desk-Organi… Rs. 1,499
Best Quality Books Shape Pen Holder, Desk Organis… Rs. 2,295
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