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The best price of Pendant in Pakistan is Rs. 59 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,287.


Necklaces are worn by both men and women around the world. They can be simple or come with charms or danglers called a locket or pendant. Check out pendant prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Pendants can be plain, made out of gold, silver, diamond or precious gemstones like aqeeq, feroza, neelam etc. You can also buy artificial variety or metallic, acrylic, plastic ones. They come in all materials, designs, shapes, sizes and colours etc. In some religions, pendants known as amulets are worn in a thread or gold necklace to ward off evil influences or dangers. 

Customized Pendants

The designer jewellery trend has taken over the world with the option of customizable jewellery designs. Customers can outline their preferences or show their choice of design and the pendants can be replicated just like the customer's demand. Some people like their names engraved on the locket or the names of religious deities etc. They also come in the shapes and designs of religious symbols. For designer pendants, check out Tesoro, Saj, Afzal Jewelers, Damas, Hamna Amir, Almas, Mahroze and Hanif Jewellers online on our website. 

Diamond Pendants

The sparkle and gleam of even the tiniest diamond is enough to catch the eyes of the onlookers. Diamond jewellery looks beautiful as well as exudes sophistication and grandeur. It goes with every outfit and can instantly add value to the entire ensemble. Diamond is one of the most expensive gems in the world and even the minutest sized diamond pendant costs a lot. The most popular but the most expensive shape for a diamond pendant is the round cut diamond. For affordable options, go for the emerald cut, cushion or asscher shapes. Just make sure to set it in platinum or yellow gold setting for the diamond to stand out and sparkle intensely. The beauty of the pendant depends on its cut, clarity, colour, design and carat so choose these wisely.

Gold Pendants

The majority of Pakistanis prefer gold for jewellery. It is expensive and is considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. A thick gold necklace or a simple delicate chain is a wonderful gift that is usually exchanged at Pakistani weddings from both sides. Gold pendant and chains are also the top choice of "mooh dikhai rasam" gift from the groom to the bride on their wedding day. This tradition dates back to ancient times and means for the bride to show her face to her husband and her family members in a small post wedding ceremony. Sometimes the groom likes to gift delicate looking gold pendants or chains to the bride's sisters as a token of respect and regard or merely for tradition. In return, the bride's family also gifts gold ornaments and chains to the groom's side. 

Other Materials

Gold plated, metal, silver, leather, acrylic etc are some of the widely used materials for locket making. When it comes to these materials, the options are endless with colours, sizes, designs and shapes etc. 

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Painted – Mandala Pendant and Earrings Rs. 1,149
Marble Heart Pendant Rs. 443
Crystal Ball Pendant Necklace Earrings Set For Gi… Rs. 890
Crystal Ball Pendant Necklace Earrings Set For Gi… Rs. 890
Best Friend Necklaces Key To My Heart Bff Friends… Rs. 290
Butterfly Pendant Alloy Necklace Rs. 999
Gold Plated Pendant/zircon Pendants/pendant Set F… Rs. 549
Hoor Home Collection Peace Flying Double Layers C… Rs. 240
Artificial Jewelry Combo Set of Pendant and Pair … Rs. 600
Royal Pendant - Sterling Silver 925 Rs. 3,899
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