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The best price of Perfect Oudh Air Freshener in Pakistan is Rs. 243 and estimated average price is Rs. 321.


Perfect Oudh Air Freshener is inspired by the iconic Arabic fragrance that blends woody and balsamic notes. The rich and complex scent has been popular among Arab perfumers for centuries and is made with a collection of essential oils.


The series has two kinds of Arabic inspired fragrances that are peaceful and tranquil. Perfect Oudh Air Freshener is for those who want to recreate an atmosphere of spirituality and calmness as the Oudh fragrance has been known to restore balance and remove negative energies from the air.

The other fragrance is called Mubarak that is made from Oud Mubakhar also originated from Arabia. These fragrances have a signature middle eastern identity that is popularly used in a wide range of perfumes all around the world. The aerosol spray can is easy to use simply press the button on the top to release the formula that instantly transforms into a dry gas mixture evenly blending into the air. It will instantly spread to all corners of the space making it fresh, clean and welcoming by neutralizing all unwanted and trapped smells in the room. 

Price List

Model Price
Perfect Oudh Al Haram Air Freshener 300ml Rs. 270
Perfect Oudh ul Haram Air Freshener 300m... Rs. 243
Perfect Oudh Air Freshener 300ml Rs. 270
Perfect Air Freshener OUDH 300ml Rs. 299
Perfect Oudh Room Air Freshener, 300ml Rs. 430
Perfect Air Freshner Oudh Al H Rs. 415
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