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The best price of Permanent Marker in Pakistan is Rs. 45 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,545.


Permanent markers can be used to write on almost any surface and are very useful for labelling and such. The price of a permanent marker is generally in the lower ranges.


Permanent Marker

A kind of marker that can write on almost every surface. Unlike other markers that may not work on a laminated surface, permanent markers can work on such surfaces too. The ink inside has a main carrier solvent, a glyceride, a pyrrolidone, a resin and a colourant; making it water-resistant.

Permanent markers also contain volatile organic compounds which evaporate as the ink drys. These compounds are why such markers are also misused for recreational purposes. A misuse that has long term damages.

A very well known maker of permanent markers is the brand known as Sharpie, so much so that in some countries the name Sharpie is interchangeable with the term 'permanent marker'.

Tips & colours

The tip of such markers is made from compacted fibres. There are many different kinds of thicknesses and cuts one can buy. There are the regular round or a slanted flat cut. This varies from brand to brand, some have more variety with the design of tip and size.

One can find any number of colours in permanent markers. Some brands even sell a packet of various colours together.


The Pakistani brand Dollar makes a range of permanent markers.

The price of permanent markers is relatively low.

Price List

Model Price
Dollar Permanent Marker (Chisel Tip 90) 12's Regu… Rs. 565
Delii Twin Permanent Marker BLACK Rs. 119
Deli - EU10420- Dual Tip Permanent Marker(12PCS/B… Rs. 1,224
Sharpie ultra Fine Permanent Marker Pack of 12 Rs. 3,095
Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Marker Pack of 4 Rs. 1,195
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Pack of 18 Rs. 4,900
Deli Dual Tip Permanent Marker Black U10420 Rs. 135
Sharpie Permanent Marker Set of 24, Fine Point, A… Rs. 3,700
M&G Dual Tip Permanent Marker Single Piece APM213… Rs. 95
Dollar Permanent Marker Single Piece Rs. 50
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