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The best price of Pet Supplies in Pakistan is Rs. 120 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,331.


If one has a pet, they would need a lot of supplies to be able to care for the animal. This includes beds, food, litter boxes, harnesses and more. The specific item is chosen based on the kind of pet one has as their bodies and sizes vary. The price of pet supplies varies depending on the specific item in question and the rates can be anywhere from lower to high end.


Pet supplies

A mix of items one can choose from, pet supplies vary depending on the pet one has. These supplies range from toys to bedding, to litter boxes.

One can find what they are looking for, depending on what they need. There are various kinds of feeding dishes that are different in size if one has a cat or a dog. Food comes in packs for various animals and is designed specifically for individual species. The water dispenser for pets also has options with some that need to be refilled manually and others that have a larger container that keeps filing out a smaller one as it is used.

There are sleeping mats or mini caves made from a quilt-like material that a pet can snuggle inside of. For cats to be taken to the vet one can also purchase a carrying cage, making it a lot easier to take your pet to the vet. This is also useful as some cats may defecate or vomit on the way.

There are harnesses as well, these are different in size for dogs and cats. This is a lot better than a collar and leash as the pressure is not on the animal's neck when the leash is taut. 

Dogs love chew-toys that they play with on their own, while cats play with baubles that need to be moved around at the end of a stick or string. 

Other supplies are for grooming, this could include a trimmer for animal hair, a brush to get rid of loose hair or a lice comb in case it is needed.

Litter boxes are generally for indoor cats and come with a scooping pan. These litter boxes also need cat litter which a cat uses similarly to how it would use loose soil in the wild. If one needs a scooper for dogs there are options for that as well.

In case one has a fish or bird, they may need an aquarium or fishbowl and a cage for the bird. Again what pet supplies one needs has a lot to do with the kind of pet one has or wants to purchase.


The prices of pet supplies vary depending on what specific item it is, some are nominally priced and others could cost a lot more.

Price List

Model Price
Stainless steel pet feeding bowl ( Medium) Rs. 299
Whiskas Box Kitten 2-12 Months with Chicken- 340g Rs. 670
Stainless steel pet feeding bowl (XL) Rs. 599
GoGreen Automatic Rolling Ball Sweeping Robot Ide… Rs. 1,651
Soft Beautiful Pet Bed Rs. 2,000
Pedigree Dog Food With Chicken Jelly Tin 400g Rs. 580
TE Glass Colorful Beads Sand Fish Tank Landscapin… Rs. 2,830
BE Chicken Jelly Dog Food 400g Rs. 650
Pack Of 10 - Birds Water Drinker - Medium - Multi… Rs. 850
SuperSoft Cave Eye Door Mat Rs. 1,699
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