Philips Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Philips Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 22,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 46,943.


The Phillips air frying can quickly grill, bake and roast meat and vegetables in a one-step cooking process using Fat Removal and Rapid Air Technology to prepare small to large meals. By circulating hot air it can capture and separate excess fat in half the time as compared to using an oven. An ideal kitchen appliance for fitness enthusiasts looking for healthier alternatives and low-calorie meals.


The mechanism uses a fast circulating hot air that quickly penetrates raw food ingredients inside the cooking drawer that uses a starfish design. The Rapid Air technology is designed to circulate temperature-controlled hot air that heats up the cooking drawer entirely requiring little or no oil to complete the cooking process. There are several functional key features that make cooking with Philips Air Fryer simple and easy. The cooking drawers have various sizes from small to extra-large that can bake and grill vegetables and meat. The starfish design is located at the bottom that heats up the air and ensures it rapidly circulates consistently providing a high temperature for cooking.

Key Features

The pre-set cooking settings allows users to up to 30 minutes with an auto-off function that ensures food does not overcook. There is a sound indicator to notify you once the meal is cooked. The maximum temperature available is 390 Fahrenheit with adjustable temperature settings making it easy to cook food perfectly. The cooking drawer is removable and nonstick making it easy to clean. The exterior of the Philips Air Fryer remains cool throughout the cooking process.

The handy cord storage feature makes ensures it is easy to store and integrate into the counter space of the kitchen. The bottom of the machine has non-slip rubber feet holding it in place. The largest size is XXL that can cook a family-sized meal for up to 4 to 5 people. Unlike a traditional oven, the air fryer does not need to be preheated saving you time and energy when preparing meals.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Essential Air Fryer, 6.2 L, Black, HD-9270 Rs. 67,000
Philips HD9270/90 6.2L Airfryer Rs. 75,000
Philips Air Fryer Black HD9220/20 Rs. 22,500
Philips Essential Airfryer XL HD9270/90 Rs. 60,000
Philips Air Fryer White HD9200/20 4.1L /800gm Rs. 29,999
Philips Essential Air Fryer, 4.1L, Black, HD-9200 Rs. 44,000
Philips Air Fryer Black Rs. 58,500
Philips Air Fryer Black HD9252/90 Rs. 44,900
Philips Air Fryer Rs. 45,900
Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer, White/Red, 80… Rs. 30,000
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