Philips Blender Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Philips Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 4,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,195.


Philips has an impressive collection of hand blenders as well as full-size blenders that can be easily bought on our website. These machines are powered with unbreakable parts and are super easy to clean and store. There are also multiple attachments included and the machines can be used for a variety of tasks including blending, chopping and whisking. Check out Philips blender prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information. 


Philips Hand Blenders

Philips Daily Collection range of hand blenders is compact and slim and comes with an easy-grip shaft. You can blend fruits, vegetables, soups, whipped cream and more with these easy to use blenders. There are multiple attachments included such as a whisk and chopper. So one can easily chop nuts, herbs, chocolate, cheese and onions.

Multiple Attachments

The whisk attachment can be used for whipping cream, cake batter, mayonnaise, yoghurt and more. Philips ProMix hand blenders also include a 0.5-litre beaker made out of unbreakable plastic. The 550 W motor is powerful and the blender is integrated with modern technology. 

Philips Full-Size Blenders

The full-sized Philips blenders come in three collections: The Daily Collection, Avance Collection and Viva Collection. Blenders in the Avance Collection are the most powerful with 1400 W motors that blend food items to a smooth consistency within seconds. They are also more expensive than blenders in other collections. 

Advanced Technology

Philips blenders are integrated with advanced ProBlend 6 3D blending technology that is responsible for finely blending all items together. The blades rotate at fast speeds at approximately 35000 RPM, blending all foods quickly and to a smooth and fine consistency.

LED Display & Glass Jar

There is a LED display on the blenders and they also come with a large 2-litre glass jar that is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel blades are detachable for easy washing. There is also an integrated cord storage unit on the blenders. 


Some of these machines come with assorted attachments, blades and parts. These include a chopper, grinder, juicer, whisk and coffee mill. 

Buy Philips blender at the best prices in Pakistan on our website. Philips offers a worldwide 2-year warranty on all its blenders. Keep visiting this page for exclusive discount deals and sale price by multiple sellers. 

Price List

Model Price
Philips Blender HR2116 Glass 2 Liters Rs. 12,300
Philips HR2051/00 Daily Collection Blender Rs. 7,050
Philips Blender HR2056/00 Rs. 14,800
Philips Blender (HR2106/01) Rs. 15,305
Philips HR2118/01 Blender Rs. 17,699
Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2056 Black Rs. 14,999
Philips Blender (HR2115/01) Rs. 13,793
Philips Blender (HR2104/03) Rs. 15,839
Philips Pro Mix Hand Blender, HR-2531 Rs. 9,200
Philips Blender (HR2115/01) Rs. 15,569
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