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The best price of Philips Energy Saver in Pakistan is Rs. 243 and estimated average price is Rs. 556.


Philips energy savers are a fluorescent kind of bulb that is used in lamps and wall fixtures. These kinds of bulbs make better use of electricity and help save on one's electric bill. The price of this bulb is a bit higher than a regular incandescent bulb but this cost is made up by the savings on electricity. Philips is one of the top producers of energy savers.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy efficient


  • Higher initial cost


Philips energy saver

A leading brand in the lighting solutions market, Philips is of Dutch origin. The brand has produced various kinds of bulbs over the years, this includes energy savers. These bulbs are also known as Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL).

An energy saver is a bulb that is based on fluorescent lighting technology that makes use of low-pressure mercury vapour to create a gas-discharge lamp. In terms of efficiency, this kind of bulb does a much better conversion of electricity into light in comparison to an incandescent bulb. 

An energy saver from Philips has a higher initial cost compared to an incandescent bulb as it needs more technology to regulate the current, but the initial cost is offset by the savings on electrical costs. The glass portion is shaped like a spiral and one can opt for a pin or screw contact point, this choice is made based on the holders you have in your wall or roof fixtures.

Certain versions can be used with a dimming switch, others only produce a fixed amount of light that cannot be controlled via a dimmer. There are different Watt ratings so one can choose based on the power they need.


An energy saver needs to be disposed of correctly as it is considered to be a toxic waste due to the mercury content inside it. If it breaks around or near you do not breathe in the gas.

Colour options

One can purchase a Philips energy saver that is pure cool daylight or warm white. The latter is generally considered a more preferred tone of light and is calming.


Philips has high-quality energy savers, although today most people tend to opt for LED bulbs over any other kind of bulb.

The price of a Philips energy saver is lower end, but higher than an incandescent bulb. The lifespan of an energy saver is roughly 9 months, but this varies on the hours of usage and also turning it off and on, again and again, reduces the lifespan.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Tornado Energy Saver Bulb, 12W E27 Cap, W… Rs. 625
Philips Tornado Energy Saver, 8W, Warm White, E27 Rs. 650
Philips Energy Saver Tornado 12W B22 Cool Day Lig… Rs. 243
Philips Tornado Energy Saver, 23W E27, Warm White Rs. 575
Philips Essential Energy Saver Bulb, 18W, E27 Cap… Rs. 500
Philips Tornado Energy Saver Bulb, 24W, E27, Cool… Rs. 825
Philips Energy Saver Tornado E27 12w Rs. 410
Philips Genie Energy Saver Bulb, 11W, E27 Cap, Wa… Rs. 625
Philips Tornado Energy Saver Bulb, 12W, E27 Cap, … Rs. 625
Philips Genie Energy Saver Bulb, 11W, E27 Cap, Co… Rs. 625
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