Philips Hue Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Philips Hue in Pakistan is Rs. 6,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 28,799.


Philips is a known electronic appliances brand and they also produce smart lighting solutions under the Philips Hue tag. This includes individual bulbs, light strips, lamps and also a Hue Bridge to control all these lights together. These lights also work without the bridge but in that instance, one can control fewer bulbs together and not avail all the functions that the Bridge provides. One can choose the bulbs that they want based on their needs or the light strip if they are looking for just a mood light. The price of Philips Hue products is high.



A Dutch brand that is a leader in the lighting solutions segment. Philips also produces a whole range of other appliances such as personal care devices, monitors, audio devices, irons, toasters, air fryers and much more. This is one of the largest consumer goods brands in the world.

For lights, the brand was the first to launch smart bulbs in the market under the Philips Hue label.

Philips Hue

There are two options, one can either connect to bulbs via Bluetooth; this lets one control 10 bulbs within range. Or one can make use of the Hue Bridge which will unlock a lot more options and let you control the lights of your house from anywhere, with control for 50 bulbs.

With Bluetooth, you can create scenes so they are set and just one click or voice command brings them about. In this case, one can make use of Alexa or Google Assistant for voice commands too.

The Hue Bridge has a lot more options. It can be set to turn the light on as soon as you arrive, has a security feature that has automated lights to make it seem like you are home, can be synced with movies and games and lets one create smart light routines. This system has the voice command option as well, with more compatibility. One can use Alexa and Google Assistant, but also Cortana and HomeKit.

Light options in Philips Hue

The basic option is the White that has a soft white light and can be dimmed with a smart device. The next is the White Ambiance, this lets one set the light from warm to cool white, giving users a more customisable environment compared to plain White. The third option is White and Colour Ambiance bulbs, these have a full-colour range as well so one could turn all the light red or blue or a whole array of other colours. This would wash over the whole room with a specific colour of your choice.

This latter choice also comes in the form of a light strip that can be added behind furniture or in roof insets, creating an even cooler ambience for lighting. Aside from this Philips Hue includes some wall fixed lights or a welcome light for outside the house and outdoor lamps too.


The brand has some accessories such as smart switches for their Hue system or the Play HDMI Sync Box that lets you set a light mood for four HDMI connected devices. So if you have saved a scene for movie time it will come on when you are watching movies for instance.

Philips Hue prices are high end, especially for the Pakistani market. These are considered the top end options for lighting solutions. The Philips Hue Bridge does have compatibility with other kinds of bulbs that adhere to the Zigbee Light Link standard which Philips also uses.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Liane Wall … Rs. 60,499
Philips Hue 80W Welcome Outdoor Floodlight Rs. 37,800
Philips Hue Play White Color Ambiance Light Bar P… Rs. 50,000
Philips Hue white and Colour Ambience Bulb Rs. 9,500
Philips Hue A19 White And Color LED Bulb Rs. 8,000
Philips Hue White A19 / E26 1100 Bluetooth 75W Sm… Rs. 6,999
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