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The best price of Philips Iron in Pakistan is Rs. 2,699 and estimated average price is Rs. 11,256.


For centuries people have used multiple forms of the clothes iron to smooth out wrinkles from fabrics so that the clothes they wear look neat and clean. Philips has long been a major player in the electronics industry and Philips iron is amongst the best selling electric irons in Pakistan. Depending on the type, Philips iron price in Pakistan varies but is generally amongst the affordable range. Manufactured by one of the largest Dutch multinational conglomerates in the world, Phillips iron is reliable, durable and will last you a lifetime if taken good care of. You can find a multitude of Philips iron and ironing boards or ironing stands on the internet with varying prices in Pakistan.


Philips Iron Types

Just like any other modern clothes iron brands, Philips iron comes in dry and steam variety of electric irons. The dry iron is just like the traditional clothes iron box that uses direct heat to smoothen out wrinkles in fabrics. No form of moisture or steam is emitted from them. Philips dry iron is heavier than its steam counterpart and is still one of the most preferred types of irons in Pakistan. Philips Steam Irons come with non-stick aluminium soleplates that help the iron glide over the fabric for quicker ironing and prevent the clothes from sticking to the iron. Philips iron GC1426 is the most popular model of steam iron in Pakistan.

Design & Build

The temperature light on Philips iron indicates when it is hot and ready for ironing. The handle is made out of plastic and is comfortable to hold, giving the user a firm grip. Some of the models come with textured handles for an even more comfortable and firmer grip. The irons feature a stable heel rest for improved stability and the CordFix cord winder system allows for easy and tangle-free cord storage. Philips iron comes with precision tips for reaching narrow areas of clothes like between pleats, buttons and narrow pipings.

Heat Control Mechanism

Philips Irons come with thermostat control that let the user adjust the temperature according to the fabric type. The thermostat dial on the iron features labelled instructions for matching fabric to the required temperature. Lightweight and soft fabrics like satin and silk are labelled to be ironed at low-temperature settings while coarse materials like Linen and Cotton are indicated to be ironed at high-temperature settings.

Philips Iron Sale

Like other electronics by the manufacturer, Philips irons routinely go on sale and are sold at discounted rates by a multitude of online sellers in Pakistan. 

Price List

Model Price
Philips Dry Iron HD1172 Rs. 10,200
Philips Heavy Weight Iron Rs. 2,999
Philips Classic Dry iron HD1172 Rs. 3,999
Philips Classic Dry Iron Hd1172 - 1000 Watts Rs. 3,999
Philips Dry Iron HD 1172 Rs. 3,999
Philips Dry Iron HD1172/01 Rs. 9,999
Philips 2500W Perfect Care Steam Iron GC3920 Rs. 17,499
Philips Steam Iron – GC3929 Rs. 14,695
Philips GC1740/20 Steam Iron Rs. 11,999
Philips Speed Shaped Soleplate Iron HD1172 Black Rs. 9,999
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