Philips Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Philips Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 4,550 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,626.


Phillips is known for its quality products and wide selection of products as well. Among this selection, one find sandwich makers, a small kitchen appliance that can add a lot of value to your snacking needs. The price is only a little higher than an average sandwich maker, so it is still relatively affordable.


Philips has a lot of products, including a range of small kitchen appliances that includes sandwich makers. The inside of a sandwich maker from Philips has plates that are non-stick so your sandwich does not get stuck while being toasted between them.

The non-stick aspect also makes it easier to clean your sandwich maker as all the loose bits of food can be wiped very quickly. The timer lets you know when your sandwich is done. The timer feature also makes sure it does not get burnt and is done just right according to how you like it.

Having a Philips sandwich maker will make it simple for you to prepare a snack or a lunch sandwich for your kids or to take along with you to work. One can make savoury or sweet sandwiches depending on what their preferences are, or what kind of nutrition they are looking to consume.

The price of a Philips sandwich maker is in an affordable range, just a bit higher than what regular sandwich makers cost.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Panini Maker HD2394/91 Rs. 4,550
Philips HD2393/02 Sandwich maker Rs. 8,599
Philips Sandwich Maker HD-2393 White Rs. 7,865
PHILLIPS Sandwich maker 2393/92 Rs. 13,000
Philips HD2393/92 Sandwich maker Rs. 11,499
Philips Sandwich Maker – HD2393 WHITE Rs. 8,300
Philips Panini Maker HD2394/91 Rs. 4,550
Philips Sandwich Maker – HD2393 BLACK Rs. 9,200
Philips Toaster HD2582/90 Rs. 13,999
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