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The best price of Phulkari Dupatta in Pakistan is Rs. 1,440 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,712.


Literally meaning floral work, Phulkari is a traditional hand embroidery technique of the Punjab region. It uses colourful patterns and motifs all over the fabric and can be worn in a dupatta or the entire three-piece shalwar kameez suit etc. If you are looking for tasteful and traditional hand-embroidered dupattas, check out phulkari dupatta prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


The folk and traditional hand embroidery techniques like the Phulkari of the Punjab region have found their way into modern Pakistani clothing. It has become a trend for women to adorn traditional-looking clothing and pair them with antique jewellery.

Phulkari Embroidered Dupatta

Phulkari embroidered dupattas have become quite popular for their vividly bright colour combinations and the rich tradition associated with them. Bahawalpur, Multan, Chakwal etc are known for producing intricate phulkari work but no need to travel that far as we have a wide collection of phulkari suits and dupattas that you can buy online from our website. 

Chiffon Phulkari Dupatta

The Phulkari embroidery is mostly done with colourful silk threads over chiffon, cotton or silk dupattas and can be paired with plain or embellished shalwar kameez. The patterns are mainly floral as the name suggests but they can also feature geometric shapes, botanical patterns and abstract motifs etc. 

Phulkari with Embellishments

Formal wear phulkari suits and dupattas can be heavily embellished with mirror work, stonework, beadwork or other embroidery techniques. The base can have phulkari embroidery and the motifs can have embellishments of all kinds ranging from lightweight to heavy full fabric coverage. The dupatta can then be adorned further with tassels or dangling ornaments at both ends or all four corners for a chic and modernistic look. For a pure desi traditional flavour, wear the dupatta with phulkari embroidery and pair it with a gharara and blouse that has either matching embroidered motifs or other indigenous embellishments like gota, salma sitara and mirror work etc.

With White Shalwar Kameez

The best combination for wearing a Phulkari dupatta would be a crisp white shalwar kameez or kameez trouser for a casual summery daytime look. The colourful phulkari on dupatta can give a refreshing uplift to a white shalwar suit and exudes a youthful but minimalistic feel. This is also an ideal look for vibrant Basant events, Independence day celebrations or mehndi and mayoon functions etc. Phulkari embroidered dupattas are also popularly worn by Pakistani brides on their engagement or nikkah events etc.

We have beautiful phulkari embroidered dupattas from leading Pakistani fashion houses like Taana Baana, Rang Ja, Keyseria, Bonanza Satrangi, Limelight, Alkaram Studio etc. You can also buy them from other local sellers on our page. 

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Phulkari Dupatta For Women Hand Work Dupatta Girl… Rs. 1,985
Phulkari Dupatta For Women Hand Work Dupatta Girl… Rs. 1,985
Orange – Phulkari Dupatta – Chiffon – ZD212 Rs. 1,440
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