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The best price of Piano Ballpoint in Pakistan is Rs. 12,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,250.


The fast-drying ink used in the Piano ballpoint pen is an essential home, school, university and office stationery used by kids and adults to take notes, complete important writing tasks, fill forms and to journal. It is an affordable alternative to a fountain pen that can be hard to handle, messy and easily damaged as compared to the durable and long-lasting Piano ballpoint.


The Piano ballpoint has a tight cap to cover the top where the metallic ballpoint writing tip is placed being held by a screw in the metal socket. The writing tip uses the ink inside the tube encased in a plastic barrel. The barrel of the pen is made of polystyrene or resin which is cheap affordable plastic easily produced by local manufacturers. 

The ink tube or cartridge is replaceable but usually, these Piano Ballpoint pens are sold wholesale in a big pack or individually to make it easy to purchase according to your requirement. The cap used prevents the ink from leaking while in your pocket or bag saving you from unwanted stains and protecting the writing point from damage. 

There are Blue, Black and Red colours available to use depending on the requirements of the document or form. There is less chance of smudging or smearing the ink with a ballpoint as the ink is designed to dry very quickly leaving the page smooth and clear. 

Comfortable Grip

The pen is 8 centimetres long with a 9.89mm outer diameter and 8.06mm inner diameter that feels comfortable when writing longer texts on paper. The Piano ballpoint can be used on multiple surfaces including fabric, wood and plastic depending on the finish and colour.

Price List

Model Price
Lamy 278 Scala Piano Titanium Ballpoint Pen Rs. 12,200
Lamy 279 Scala Piano Black Ballpoint Pen Rs. 16,300
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