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The best price of Pigeon Soother in Pakistan is Rs. 545 and estimated average price is Rs. 608.


Babies can be fussy and giving them a Pigeon Soother can help keep them calmer. The soother is also known as a pacifier, a simple item that can add a lot of conveniences.


The Pigeon brand produces a lot of items for babies, this includes soothers or pacifiers. One can find lots of different colours and some variations in shape.

Made from soft silicone, the Pigeon Soother reduces the effect on teeth alignment. Many people use pacifiers for shorter periods to help avoid issues with tooth alignment.

When babies are fussy, they can be given the Pigeon Soother to placate them. Soothers have a calming effect on babies. If a baby is crying you can also use the Pigeon Soother to make them stop. There are also some claims that a soother can help babies learn nose breathing, which is how one should breathe most of the time.

Pigeon Soothers are BPA-free to make sure there are no hormonal issues for the child that affect their development.

Price List

Model Price
Pigeon Calming Soother N-26053 Medium Rs. 545
Pigeon Calming Soother 3M+ Medium 26053 Rs. 551
Pigeon Calming Soother 0m+ Small n26061 Rs. 551
Pigeon Calming Soother 3m+ Medium n26062 Rs. 551
Pigeon Baby Cooling Teether Triangle Rs. 725
Pigeon Baby Cooling Teether Flower Rs. 725
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