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The best price of Pioneer Cement in Pakistan is Rs. 650 and estimated average price is Rs. 29,167.


Pioneer Cement Limited (PCL) was created in 1986 as a public company limited. The company is known for manufacturing and selling cement in Pakistan. Check Pioneer cement prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Pioneer's main market is Punjab and KPK but its products are available across the country. You can buy Pioneer cement at the best prices in Pakistan online from our website. Cement can be used for multiple tasks in construction and home decoration. Pioneer offers two types of cement:

1. Pioneer Ordinary Portland Cement

This is the most common type of cement used the world over. It is used as a building material for all types of concrete construction purposes. Pioneer OP Cement provides extreme strength and has an ideal setting time. 

2. Pioneer Sulphate Resistant Cement

This type of cement is ideal for areas where sulfate attacks are suspected like underground structures or areas near the sea. When sulfate salts are present in the area of construction, the SRC is used as it can help resist the damaging effects of sulfates and salts. This cement has a lower C3A content that helps diffuse the destructive effects of sulfates. Pioneer's SR cement is ideal for structures in or near the sea. It is also ideal for underground structures where the soil is most susceptible to sulfate attacks, water loging and salinity. The less than 2.0 limit of C3A content in this type of Pioneer cement makes it the most sought after cement for the purpose.


A cement bag once opened can last for up to six months but must be stored in a cool and dry place without risk of moisture. The cement instantly starts to dry once mixed into water and exposed to air as the hydration process starts to solidify its state from liquid paste to a solid block. 

Price List

Model Price
Pioneer Professional DJ Headphones (HDJ-2000) Rs. 37,999
Pioneer Cables General Wiring 2.5 mm² (STR) BS:60… Rs. 29,590
Pioneer Cables General Wiring 6.0 mm² BS:6004 (3C… Rs. 41,970
Pioneer Cables General Wiring 4.0 mm² BS:6004 (3C… Rs. 32,190
Pioneer Cables General Wiring 1.5 mm² (STR) BS:60… Rs. 18,740
Pioneer DM 50D 5-inch Active Monitor Speaker Rs. 69,000
Pioneer Sub Woofer TS-W309s4 Rs. 16,500
Hugo Boss Pioneer Silver Stainless Steel Green Di… Rs. 58,450
Pioneer Cables General Wiring 4.0 mm² BS:6004 (4C… Rs. 40,870
Pioneer Professional DJ Headphones (HDJ-1500) Rs. 27,999
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